Heat and Humidity Issues

Alright Ragnar here’s the deal, in that tent air incoming is your fickle maiden, if the supply is up and down inside your basement my initial thoughts as hvac guy would suggest attempting to manipulate incoming ( if feasible) air to a more steady and controlled climate. Once supply air is somewhat steady wether by adjusting humidity or heat then you can get a baseline for what will happen inside tent due to the amount of movement (fan activity) inside will give you a solid “no shit” factor of what your baseline entering will be. then attempt adjustment internally, humidity will feel different to plants based amount of supply air introduced. So play with the fan to see what is needed to accommodate the supply air. RANGER VERSION: basements should be kept at a steady temp and humidity thus supply becomes stable. internal air will then give you its baseline, adjust fire from there. Otherwise you could be chasing your standards all over depending on the environmental factors.
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I would suggest a variable speed controller for your exhaust fan, then you can find that sweet spot. You find that, and your humidity shouldn’t be effected that much :+1: The slower adjustable speed should lower your temps and keep a stable humidity.

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@AmnesiaHaze is also a hvac guy so his suggestion would have been mine also lol
@joe1 you could try picking up some vented hoods for your lights that would help as with your temp situation and maybe get a intake fan for one of those passive vent openings to bring cooler fresh air into tent
One other thing you my need humidifier I believe it was @Niala who posted a stone type of humidifier just add water I’m looking for it so I can share it with you


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I don’t know what a stone type of humidifier is, lol​:sweat_smile::wink: However I’m using a passive way to maintain RH with simply bowls of water accessible for the light to do a more efficient evaporation and play with the number of bowls to adjust the RH.

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What you need is to get on amazon and get temp and humidity sensors for 35 dollars each, they will kick themselves on and off at your predetermined parameters therefore no matter what it is you want it will take care of it ,the technology do that for you I had the same problem in my tent heck I think I got the same humidifier lol took care of everything they are just sensors with plugins on them and they just make life so much easier.

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is it just me or is that twice as much light than needed right now for them little ones… a 150w metal halide just 1 running would far better suit their needs and yours right now with heat