Heard of Abyss 99 Strain?

Classification: Indica-dominant
Parents: Deep Chunk x Durban Thai 99
Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Garden Skills: Intermediate
Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
Yield: Low
Height: Short
THC Range: 17% - 19%
CBD Range: 2.2% - 3.1%
Medical Uses: Chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, nausea

Deep Chunk, which is the mother used to create Abyss99, won the overall first price in the 2004 IC Mag 420 Cup. These buds are small, rock hard, have a nice lavender/purple color and so many trichomes they give these buds a silvery shine that almost covers up the purple buds. Abyss99 smells of freshly roasted coffee, grapes, chocolate and hash with a flavor of coffee and a grape aftertaste. All-around it’s hard to beat Abyss99 in terms of flavor, aroma, bag appeal and, most importantly, potency. Like many strains that are renowned for potency, Abyss99 can take a little longer to flower, at 9 - 10 weeks, while producing a disappointingly low yield, usually around an ounce per plant, when grown in a 5-gallon pot. Many growers only get 1/2 ounce per plant when in a 5-gallon container, however the sheer potency (both THC and CBD) as well as the remarkable flavor, aroma and bag appeal seem to make up for what it may lack in yield. These ladies have an incredibly short stature, rarely reaching over 30" in height. Expect trimming to produce a lot of hash makings as the calyx-to-leaf ratio on Abyss 99 is fairly low. Enjoy these ladies wherever you can find them. Despite the low yield, they are definitely worth adding to your garden.


Never heard of that strain but it sounds like a pretty plant.


Im not sure I would grow a plant that only yields 1 ounce per plant i would get more from a auto plant ?
Im not saying its a bad strain and may be tasty and potent
Just not cost effective to grow imo
For example
Roberts gold leaf is around 21 % thc and high in cdb has a shorter flowering time as well at 63 day average and yeilds much more
On average outdoors you can yield up to 16-20 per plant with similar results indoors only reduced by hieght and space available
60/40 indica/Sativa
Just my opion @marijgee
The whole cost effectiveness thing ?

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Yea I agree
Seems like there are other strains out there with sililar attributes that have way better yield potential
To each there own sounds like good herb though
Happy growing

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DTC 99 is a cross between Durban Thai and Cinderella 99. Don’t know much about it, but Cinderella 99 is an awesome strain to grow and smoke.

Never heard of deep chunk either. But as far as the abyss 99 goes, doesn’t sound very appealing.

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so sweet to read about