Healthy vs unhealthy seedling?

I have 4 blueberry autos going, all seems healthy, but 1 out of the 4 looks strange and I’m not sure why. Can anyone help? I do not see any burning or anything to indicate that my lights are too close. And I let the top soil dry out before I water. They do not look or act underwatered, so I was thinking maybe the one had a bit too much water? I had an issue with fungus gnats and that’s why there is diatomaceous earth on the top of my soil. I added pictures to this post but I cant see them. Hopefully they show when I hit create topic.

You need to wait for the photo to completely upload before hitting the reply button
I cant remember if new accounts have a waiting period before pics can be posted.

Are there limits to photo size. It’s under 2 meg but no upload showing.

Are you using phone or computer?

Im using an android phone

theres a tutorial somewhere…looking for it…

I figured it out, I had to get on my laptop, it didn’t work on my phone. But basically the seedling on the bottom is what 3 out of 4 of them look like, but that one just looks strange, is it healthy?

It looks stressed from something but should come back just fine.
Did it get wet while under the lights?
Are you giving nutrients? Not recommended at this age…
How close are your lights? What lighting are you using?

All four are under the same light, I am using a 1200W LED and the manufacturers recommended distance for seedling stage says 24" I had them under a humidity dome until I saw the first 2 leaves form, then they’ve been out since. I was using a sprayer at first to water them and I did get some water on the leaves, but I might have gotten all of them a bit. No nutrients, I am growing in organic living soil

I have my fan controlling temp between 73 and 80 Deg F and the humidity around 55 to 65%

looks over watered, but it’s green, she will be fine. That a lot of diatomaceous earth. looks like you are growing in snow LOL.


lmao, I applied that stuff when I first saw the gnats, then I let it dry for like 55 hours. I watered them again washing away the DE, then the following day I saw more gnats, so I applied again. I hate bugs, and I dont want them screwing with the ladies

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Try to avoid getting them wet while the lights are on. It can cook the leaves.
I have done that and they look like yours. But they always rebounded fine.

Welcome to the forum btw , you will fine lots of good helpful friends here.

Thank you, it is very helpful to have a group of knowledgeable people to talk to when encountering issues. Very much appreciated!

This product in your water will kill fungus gnats.
Just a little bit. I keep it to kill mosquitoes in my rain barrels.

If I wanted to add some beneficial nematodes to my soil, can I add them even though I have the Diatomaceous Earth there? Will it kill the nematodes I am adding, or do I just wash away the DE a bit and add it to the soil?

10-15ml of water per feeding ,in a circle around the base of the seedling. It should be a damp to dry cycle for vigorous root growth. Good luck with the new girls

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How do you add the Mosquito bits to your water?

I see, it just dissolves in water Dur! lol