Head Cheese From MSS

Anybody ever grown Head Cheese? MSS lists it as 26 ounces per 3x3 with 26%thc

I’m curious what they’re lineage is since they’re going in for shock value with that name( and with Alaskan thunderfuck lol you know some Chad wants that just to say the strain name)

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@GulfCoastGurilla if u wanna talk other sites seeds. A simple screenshot suffices.

Ive never grown it in particular but as with all site’s… stats on strains. Take it with a grain of salt. I cant see 26 oz’s indoors without some AMAZING training/lights/setup.

26% is doable tho.


It was the yield I admit that caught my eye. I’ve grown there northern lights and others.

I’ve grown cheese but the head cheese was a new one to me. Maybe someone will chime in whose grown these with some real yield stats.