Hazy Lazy Grow of Summer


That plant looks so healthy. She’s gonna be a bush!


Awesome looking
Not sure if I know what I’m talking about, but looks like good candidate for scrog


Hey @ReMoLu, if you think that one is a SCROG candidate, check out the White Widow sitting next to it, and this is with no pruning or pinching or topping or nothin’

This one is 15" tall and 28" wide at 46 days old.
For reference, the green bucket is 4 gallons.

Plants are in 10-gallon nursery pots.


We upgraded out lighting yesterday from commercial LED fixtures (purple light) to COB’s. I have not completed a PAR map with the new lights as yet but initial indications are that light levels are 50% higher or more throughout the growing area.

Upgraded from this…

To this…

I will tidy up the wiring and record the PAR map this afternoon (after golf).

It looks like this with lights on…

Happy growing, everyone.
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wear eye protection!! lol
looking great!


You jest but it is bright in there. My PAR meter reads over 900 uMoles/m^2s at the top of the left hand plant (Purple Haze) and 850 at the top of the center White Widow which is 24" below the lights. Before the upgrade was getting around 550 with old lighting.


That setup looks pretty sweet, @merlin44! I would expect nothing less from you. You were already producing great, hard nugs. I can’t imagine what you’ll be growing now! Are you growing in hydro now, or are those just soil buckets on top of upside down buckets?


I am not sure that there will be a measurable difference, I sure hoping so, spent a bundle on this upgrade.

It’s actually a pretty good situation because I will just move most of the commercial fixtures into my new propagation and veg tent.

Thank you to everyone for dropping by for a look. I will post some PAR maps later for you data junkies out there.

Good eye @WonkaMan, I do grow in soil. I place them on upside down pots just to get them up so I don’t need to bend over so much to work with and inspect them. When I flip to flower in a couple of weeks, I will set them on the floor, they will about 3’ tall by then.


For any of you data junkies out there, here is a set of PAR maps of my room before and after the upgrade. I also took readings with and without the COB reflectors installed.

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