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What’s up good people…I’m a newbie and I was told by a somewhat experienced grower, not to attempt growing Lemon Haze or any other Haze
plant. I just want some advise as what to look out for specifically relating to this particular strain.I want to take a run at it and any
and all help is greatly appreciated. Happy Growing…

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           I believe that the advice you got may be because of your limited grow space, or the fact that a haze is a Sativa and takes a longer time to grow and finish.

It may be easier to grow an Indica 1srt, because it is
smaller generally; And; finihses pretty much on achedule. A haze can take up to 4 months to finish. (depending on environment, etc)


want to wish you the best of luck. I also am a first time grower. I just recently got my medical cannabis card here in my state of Maine. I am also praying that my purple haze I ordered does well in my 12x7x7 greenhouse this summer. again best of luck.