Haw far away am I from harvest?

Ok, guys. This is my first ever grow with weed. I’ve been smoking it for over 35 years but finally decided I have to have learned close to as much as these young bucks growing it these days so what the hell, might as well try it for myself. I’m growing some afghan autos. I had some trouble with stunted growth in the beginning bc of, you guessed it, OVERWATERING!! I’m in week 12. It’s been flowering for about 4 weeks. I know my buds are small and I’m not sure they are going to get much bigger. My goal is to let them grow longer bc I’m aiming for the darkest amber trichomes I can get in order to let my THC turn into CBN.I WANT the

sedative effect. I’m trying to grow something to help my mom sleep and this old B is one tough customer. Lol! She’s hard to dose bc it takes so much to knock her out. I’m the one that’s been smoking all my life and this woman just started last year but she can out smoke me!!! At this time my trichomes still look a clear/white. I am blind in one eye and have glaucoma in the other, so I admit I’m not a very good judge when it comes to judging the actual color. The smell is AWESOME and the buds have grown over an inch in the last week. My question: From looking at my plantt, How much longer do I need to let it go before letting it go too far? Is that even possible?


Id let her keep growing a few more weeks. There is another swell coming and if you want ambers purposely then ur yield could grow pretty well. They (buds) continue to grow as they mature.

Id also keep feeding for at least the next week. And reassess when possible


Moderator above is right on. 4 weeks in flower definitely will need to go longer probably another month you will be amazed how much they will stack up and feel in. Keep feeding and keep up the good work. Also try to get a jewelry loop or digital microscope, got a microscope off Amazon like 30 definitely worth it in the long run

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Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve never grown before and picked an auto flower to try my first go around. I wasn’t sure how it worked w autos, was worried that bc of them being stunted for a week or 2 in the beginning that they may quit growing before my buds fully developed. I’m assuming that they won’t start dying off just bc the plant reaches a certain age? I’ve started 2 Hibiscus Sunrise photos since these started flowering and I’m amazed at the growth of them already. I’m glad I bought the 7 foot tall tent!!! These are going to be MONSTERs!! I have another question….
How long should I let the photos veg before I change my light cycle? I’ve done Lots of research and watched countless (and many useless) YouTube videos but still don’t have an answer I’m cool with. I’m aware that’s these sound like trivial and somewhat ridiculous questions to an experienced grower but I’m sure you can all remember a time of being totally CLUELESS!!! Well, that’s where I am!! I just moved one of the photo seeds I received free in the mail with my feminizing spray to a LECA set up. He may have been too small still so I don’t know if he will make it, but I’m trying something less expensive (after a few things) than all the soil, bugs, disease, etc. I don’t know, hell, I’m just following a little here and a little there. If the plants can make it in the wild with no help from us then I think the less I screw with them the better off they will be! They say life is a journey. Well, so is growing your own weed!! Ha! Ha!

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No need to change the light cycle from veg to flower with autos.
Just let 'em rip with something between 18/6 and 24/0 !

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To change cycle to flower for your photo depends on the height room you have. They tend to double or triple in size. What lights do you have? Tent?


Pictures are helpful :+1:

I really did forgot what I was going to do. Anyhoo, I may have answered up there :face_with_spiral_eyes: :point_up_2: :crazy_face: