Having trouble with OG Kush. Need advice

I need some advice growing OG Kush. I have been growing for a few years now. Recently, Ive been growing Green Crack until a couple months ago I bought someFeminized OG Kush seeds. Well I germinated two of them and grew them up for a few weeks and everything was going good. When they got up about 12-13 inches tall the leaves began to show sighs of a problem. the ;eaves kind of shrunk up and turned a greyish brown. very weird. Ive never had a problem before. Does OG require a lot of fertilizer? or maybe less than average? Is that strain sensative to heat or something? my room runs around 75 degrees and 69% humidity during dark. 80 degrees and 56% humidity during light cycle. Its summer so the temps are a couple ticks higher than my winter crops. I let the soil pretty much dry out before watering again. Not all the way completely dry but close. I dont get it. I give them a little dilluted fertilizer when their about 6-8 inches tall and then usually start with regular fertilizer routine after their up about 10-12 inches tall. (4 weeks). any thoughts out there??? I’d appreciate it.

All of the kush strains seem a lil finicky… :wink:



I’m on my second OG Kush/Strawberry Kush grow (one of each, both being harvested next week). I have noticed the OG to be a little more cantankerous than the Strawberry. While I feed the two identically, I did get a few brown spots on the OG plant about three weeks into veg (nothing at all amiss on the Strawberry). But I started supplementing with small amounts of CALMAG and the problem went away. Another thing I noticed, and it looks to be true again, is that the OG Kush is going to yield less that the Strawberry Kush. But, I must say, the terpene profile of the OG is sublime and I don’t regret growing it again. Right now the OG looks like it’s been dusted in sugar, with more trichomes than last time.

Can you provide a photo of your plant?

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All I can say is be very careful with your humidity. 69% rh at night in flower is bad! These OG plants are weak against mold and bugs. I had my humidity in the lower 50s and my whole plant molded and I got bud rot in my largest cola. My temps were high though 88F during lights on. I was running a germ guardian, 3 6inch fans and a 6inch exhaust on 24/7 and sadly I still lost the whole plant. She was incredibly dense though. As for nutrients she wasn’t a big eater. I was giving the og about 5ml total of calmag with my tap water. Near the final few weeks I was feeding 30ml of micro, grow and bloom(Advanced Nutrients ) with 15ml big bud, then 15ml overdrive and 10ml of the rest of the addatives. I also did flush my plants with a finisher to kill unwanted build up before flower. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Stand by for pic.

OK yeah. I forgot to mention that I just flushed these 2 plants and when they dry out ( might take several days since they are weak) I will give them a diluted grow fert. Peach fuzz mentioned calmag too. I think I’ll try that on one. TY


Sounds good, I’ll be watching. I’m planning on dropping another OG Kush seed in Oct. Best of luck to you.