Having trouble with is it male or female

So sorry but male

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Is this ur only plant if not get it away from the others

Its got nuts. Get it out!!!


Bag it, drag it.


Agree, it’s a male. Check out the link below, I find this very informative.

Thanks everyone it was just hard to believe out of 5 seeds I got only 2 female and for a min I thought I saw it shooting a pistol high hopes I guess this is why I like the cloning you know exactly what you plant you get now that I have run a few grows I’m thinking I’m needing improvement in getting a bigger yeild idk if it’s from rushing the process but I was avg like 1-2 oz per plant that’s veg for 8 weeks

Actually I would recommend watching " The garden sage " David Robinson is probably one off the top Teacher’s an has Videos on YouTube that are quite informative…
Happy growing.