Having trouble with Ec rising and Ph lowers

Im sorry if its posted at wrong section in the forum and my english is not so good but here we goes…

Hi, im 5-6 weeks out in flowering of nevilles haze (sativa) and the leaves looks like they got nutrient defiency but at the same time leaf tips get burn like it gets nuteburn.
In veg stage I gave 1.8 EC but when I switched to flowering it suddenly jumped to 4.5. Now im feeding with 0.4 EC and still the EC raises to 0.6 24 hours later and the ph drops from 6.2-4.2.
Im using DWC btw.
RH is about 35-40% and temp is 26-28 celcius.
Roots looks good and no signs of rot. Im using chinaled 720W and they worked very good on my og kush.
Im not an very experienced grower and I know nevilles haze is a bit tricky to grow, but I cant figure out why the EC raises even tough I give it 0.4. Background EC is at 0.1. Using GHE nutrients (Micro, grow and bloom)
Hopefully someone can help cuz I think it gonna die soon. Stems have become purple some places too.
Im also adding hydroguard to be safe.


Purple on the stems is not necessarly a bad thing can just be a sign of lots ofnlight to that area. Im really not too sure on the ec and ph problem u r having. Do u ise tapnwater or ro water. Tap water makes a huge difference as things in the water dissapate and raises and lowers other numbers. Ro or distilled is best for hydro and dwc growing. Also if u can find it. Advanced butrients has a ph perfect nute line that should hold the ph that u set it to. Good luck hooe u get this all str8. Maybe @Oldguy @CMichGrower @spyonyou @Covertgrower @myriendis410 will be able to lead u on a path. Welcome by the way.


Thanks @Mark0427 for the tag.

@shitrich are you using any calmag? If not, I would encourage you to get some along with something like hydroguard if you don’t have any.
As far as the nutes go, Is she drinking good?
After the stretch, they tend to slow down on feeding nutes, but will still drink water.

I think (if she is drinking good), you can lower nutes some. I would try around EC 1.0 or about 700ppm’s give or take some.
Try to keep around PH 5.8
Also, have you calibrated you PH meter lately?

Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


She drinks more now, and with 0.9 in EC things looks like its going the right way, meters are calibrated.
Not feeding much calmag but I do have it so I can add. Feeding some pk13/14 but maybe I should wait with it?


Maybe put up a few pics in natural light to help us help you better.


Probably not the best pictures but is this saveable?
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Im feeding 2.0 EC and it drinks more water than before and after a while the EC sinks and PH rise a little bit.

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Yes. It looks bad but If you can keep your numbers in line then you should get something out of it.
Definitely something to work with there.
Still got a little bit to go.