Having trouble PM- ing

not long ago i could pm …But now i cant seem to, did my pm button go away??? Hammer

You know @Hammer , @garrigan62 was having the same problem trying to pm me as well, can you click the icon in the top corner, click messages, than new message should be lit up blue, click that, add user, add subject, and type away, that should work unless you’ve tried already

AT first thought that it mite be the smoking blunt .LOL but my Blue botton is gone

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Hm, that’s weird, and you don’t have a little envelope

yes i can go to meesages .and can use it to reply thru an old mess but no Button to make new

I just got ahold of latewood to see whats going on, id help further however, I’m still getting used to being on the support staff, I just about have the hang of this though lol, my apologies for the inconvenience my friend

never a problem , am having gitchy sat net today had to reload last reply 6 times ,haha. Hammer

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I have noticed a few people c/o this, and all seem to be Bergman’s Lab members. Bet it’s a bug related to the member status.

Haha, it may just be a wacky internet connection not letting it load all the way

No … REALY just no new mess Button… think pigSquishy has similar issue .Hammer

And @garrigan62 has had the same problem, atleast once I don’t know if he still is, I think it was yesterday or the day before

Ditto ! …after seeing this thread I checked it out and just like Hammer said I can’t send anything new either ?

That tells me that the forum is probably in a glitch or malfunction, am I seriously the only one that can send a pm message lol.

Again my apologies for the inconvenience guys

Hey guys, trying to get a hold of the tech dept. If I summarize;

  • The blue, new Message button is missing but you can handle older messages.
  • The issue is inconsistent and might only be appearing for Bergman’s Lab members.

Anything else I could add?


you sank that one in one swing , :grinning: Hammer

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The “message” button is missing for me, too, but I am not a Lab member.

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Thanks kabongster! I’ll take it with!

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I am having the problem as well and I am also a non-lab member

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@garrigan62 was you given a reason for the PM ing button removed .OR WAS it Don’t ASK lolol Hammer

Jim thinking don’t ask.lol