Having trouble maintaining pH in reservoir

I having a lot of trouble with pH in my reservoir (10 gal). How do I adjust the pH without going too high or too low. my pH was at 8.0 I put 3 drop of ph down and it went to 5.0. I need some help with this

Just a small amount of ph at a time. Mix well, let stand for a few minutes then check.
If you have low ppm in the water this could be the reason why it changes so rapidly.


Are you using a recirculating pump in the reservoir to agitate the solution?


You really want to keep the solution moving so this is a good idea. You can also add an air stone which will help.

As @Covertgrower pointed out; low TDS water (which is what it sounds like) doesn’t take much to adjust.


That’s why I’ve been loving the jacks 321 in my buckets it really keeps the ph well balanced barely have to up or down. Between changes

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Are you using a recirculating pump in the reservoir to agitate the solution?



The ppm are 328. I’m using test strip and the GH ph liquid they give different readings

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Jacks 321 is the nutrient line it’s the easiest to use I’ve found and balances out the ph perfectly all I add is hydroguard

Any reason you’re running such a low concentration?

Put a few $$ into a PH pen and lose the strips. No way could I accurately differentiate one shade of a color from another. Save yourself a lot of aggravation.


I missed that part.

I know. It’s on my list

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I just purchased a really inexpensive set of two vivosun pens. I’m going to compare them to my bluelab and apera pens, and I’ll let you know how they stack up.

I had vivosun pen at first got a blue lab and blows it out the water. I was calibrating the vivosun every other day or so and it was always off the blue lab I’ve tested it and it’s been a month so far and haven’t had to recalibrate at all

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the girls are just starting out. they are only two weeks old

I use a buffer called PerfectPH. I don’t need to lower PH anymore.

what brand are you using? or is it called perfect Ph

I put the hydroguard in after the jacks

Its made by Torus Hydro, called PerfectPH