Having trouble deciding. Decisions, decisions?

Im using a 280watt QB light there good i just wish mine had longer cords so i can have the driver out of the tent as it makes the temp go up in the tent but how ever i have it sorted by running more fans over the light

There’s a joint in power cord between plug and driver right?

I’d say anywhere from 4-8 oz per plant, depends on how tall the “bud zone” is, if there is only a foot of bud above the screen, then gonna be on the less side, get 3 feet of bud zone over the screen and it’ll be on the heavier side.

My current grow with about 12-15" of bud over the screen, may get around a pound total here:

A previous grow with about 2.5 feet of bud over the bottom screen (2 screens), got me real close to 2 pounds (30.5 oz)


Im not sure if there is

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Thank you for getting back to me. See now you have given me a realistic goal and something to shoot for. Thanks again.

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Check. If there is you can just buy longer cord and replace the one you have.

@dbrn32 how many plants could you take through flower with the hlg-300 in a 5x5?

Hlg-300 isn’t really big enough for 5x5. It’s recommended for like 8-10 square feet or so. So depending on how big of plants you’re planning on growing, whatever fills said space. You could physically fill the 5x5, but with only one hlg-300 you won’t get a tent full of hard buds.

I will see wat i can do i will take pics so u can see it


Well I ordered the 300 yesterday it should be here by tomorrow at some point. I’m actually pretty pumped to get the whole rig set up and going. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes.