Having some trouble

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi! I’m hoping you can help me. This is the 2nd time I have ordered
seeds from you and both times I have had the same trouble with the
plants becoming to spindly. I am starting them with the pellets in the
plastic greenhouse and then they become stretchy so fast I have to
transplant them. I am trying to save them by piling up some dirt around
them for support. I’ve also included a pic of the potting mix I’m using
(disregard the oil container in pic). I am using filtered water from our
kitchen faucet. I have not taken any ph readings because I figured the
potting mix/pellets would have the needed ingredients to at least get
them started.


They are reaching for the light because it’s not intense enough.try supporting them with something and try to give them more light

Light is to far away , you have to get lights closer when sprouting seedlings , store bought cfl’s or a t5 just for sprouting to where you can put lights 12 inches from soil . But you can cut a wired hanger and make a stake like spike to twisty tie them with a bread wrapper or string to support them , until the stalk strengthens .

I definitely agree with the others, they are stretching to reach for the light. During germination, seedling and the first 2 weeks of the vegetation cycle i use a 10w full spectrum cfl glow fish bulb from walmart. They are around $8 and work amazing. I keep mine 2 inches from my plants and have had 100% positive results with this light.

Hurry and save them please get the bible

Yes stake them baby’s up and bring that light closer . Everyone here is on the same page


In the pictures I see, the plants are stretching like crazy for light. Inadequate light is the issue. You can salvage these by being patient,and allowing them to get stem strength. A small fan causing a breeze across these plants will strengthen the stems.