Having some problems with GDP plant

I started three seeds that came up Jan. 29th. They were planted in fox farms happy frog soil. It is two Bruce Banners, and a Granddaddy Purple. They are under a sf4000 at 20 inches above plants set to 50%. Day time temps are 75f and about 67f at night. Humidity is 65%. On Feb. 19th I topped the GDP. On Feb. 21st I watered and feed for the first time. I always ph my water to 6.6, I use fox farms trio for nutes. I used it at 1/4 of what it calls for. ppm was 470 going in, watered until about 10% runoff and tested ph and ppm, ph was 5.2 and ppm was 1700 coming from soil, and I dont understand why because it was the first time using nutes. The bb plants look fine but the gdp has some brown spots 3 days after I feed.

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Fox farms has enough nutes for at least 4 weeks.


So do you think it could be nute burn, and if so if its not getting worse do I just water on my normal days with no nutes to fix it.

Transplant it to a 3 gallon and give them a week of plain ph water !

They are already in 3 gallon pots

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A little high. I would skip a feeding or 2 and then resume with what it takes to keep runoff PPM around 1,000.

It is a little early to begin feeding. Happy Frog is good on its own for 4 to 5 weeks.

Blemishes on older leaves are normal.

Don’t forget that you will eventually need to add a cal/mag product (often not needed until the plant is flowering.)

Strange. I have a GDP and it looks like the same leaves were affected. I attributed it to getting nutrient water on them… I am using coco and Jacks and feeding from day 1. Since you just started with nutrients it would think it is something else It is odd though. Photo taken day 39

Topped day 28

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Take tge two fans leaves off right above those and watch it go !

I think it is stange but i noticed you said you topped on day 28 and i had just topped before my spots came up im sure it has nothing to do with it but just a thought

Topping should not affect them in that manner. I mentioned it just as a point in time reference. Your GDP looks healthy and if it is limited to those leaves, I would not worry about it. Eventually they can be cut off.


Yes i know it didn’t come from topping and i plan on letting it go to see what happens

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