Having some problems rust spots


So I’ve been having some problems. I am going in to my 4th week of flower. About week 3, in my lower leaves there were some rust spots starting in one of my plants. I flushed and fed 1/2 nute solution and the problem haunted. But when i watered yesterday it seems to have came back so maybe i need to feed them some more?
I’m growing in FFOF temps stay 75 and around 45-55% RH. I fed with foliage pro in the 3rd week once.
This time i fed with 4mm protect 2ml MammothP and 4ml calman with half RO/half tap water.


If not a calmag issue it’s a ph issue


Not a PH issue… It goes in 6.5 and comes out 6.5 I check it with 2 meters before I water it.


Looks fairly normal to me what strain is that reason I’m asking your third week of flower depending on flower time of that strain some of the things I’m saying is normal old fan leaves starting to shrivel up using their energy to put into the flowers otherwise it looks like you could use a little Cal mag


I don’t think its normal. It still has a long way to go, it only seemed to happen after I watered it once I am unsure if I overfed it or what, and a flush seemed to have helped it, but when I watered it again it seemed to have got worse. Also it seems to be slowly moving up.
Its suppose to be Super Lemon Haze but I am not sure that’s what it is Sativa dom. and this looks like an indica


It’s mostly a Sativa when I have this issue it’s ph or needs cal mag but like you said you got 2 meters so i would hit it with some cal mag


Just hit it with 4ML of calmag last water


If ph is in check … she looks hungry… :wink:



Thats what I am going to try next go around. Appreciate the help.


root bound and hungry have one just like it just transplanted it today


Yea I know it’s crazy root bound. I can’t even stick my finger 1/4 inches into the soil it’s that packed. But I think it’s a little late to transplant now right?


if you are gentle and feed humic & fulvic acids stress is almost nil basically add B vites cut bottom off pot and place on top of another filled with fresh soil. Pierce pot fill it with holes and place in much larger pot roots will work their way through holes or missing bottom into fresh soil, but a standard transplant is likely less stress than they are currently experiencing


Unfortunately it’s in a clay pot so wont be able to cut the bottom off the pot.


Other than them being hungry they seem to be doing pretty well. They are stretching a ridiculous amount. I can’t raise my light anymore. I will try to feed them and if that doesn’t work I may try to transplant them.


If they are still in stretch you have best chance for transplant now much later and it will hurt bud development now it would halt stretch :wink: