Having some issues...Please help

So I grow indoors in 6- 4’x5’ beds, 6000watts of HPS lights in soil. 77-80 degrees 60% Humidity lights out, 87-91ish 40-50% lights on. Dynagrow nutes with some amendments in soil (bat guano, seabird guano, bloodmeal, bonemeal, epsom salts worm castings, dolomite )and a 20-20-20 boost 1st half of flower and 0-50-30 boost 2nd half. This is a tried and true blend and has been used for 20 years by other friends of mine and by me for a year now. Presently growing Chemoto Dragon, Strawberry Romulan and Lavender voodoo.

Watered in 1st half of grow nutes at around .5-.8 EC ph 6-6.5 (maybe a little lighter on nutes than usual) Stretch ended a week or so ago, Presently in week 6, of 10ish, using the later stage nutes now for flowers with more P and K. Never watered in nutes higher than 1.4 EC in the can (I have a 55gal drum with pump into PVC watering system)

After taking soil samples…EC readings are between 1.3-2.3 so a bit high on 2 of the beds with the 2.3 but pretty well “in the zone” for others Ph is lowish 5.6. This is NOT runoff but samples from all beds of soil. Would love some good opinions on what is going on here?? I have done MUCH research, been growing on my own a year or so, and have come up with several diagnoses. I think I have a little bug issue with those yellow spotted leaves and have noticed what may be spider mites, underneath, of which I have never had issues with before. BUT, the other leaves are certainly something else and the same leaf damage from the mites at present, is not occurring in the other beds…that I have seen.

The second to last pic is my bed of Lavender, it seems pretty stunted, although I understand it stays short and bushy typically, but this seems a bit much. The buds are solid and of decent size though. The second pic is one of my beds of Chemoto Dragon Although I trained these plants a bit different this time it seems to me that the Chemoto did not stretch as much this time. Again the buds seem to be forming up fine and hope to see more weight amass in the next few weeks on some of the non-main stem colas. But these leaves are causing much concern and seemed to be increasing.

Thanks in advance to any and all who read and chime in. Tried to be detailed as to give full picture and not have to go back and forth 10 times with questions. Any other info needed please ask.

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Once you start making soil you’re over my head. But @yoshi has a thread about them and may be able to help.

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Dark, waxy leaves and burned tips lead me to believe that it is nitrogen toxicity. Back off the nitrogen and maybe consider a flush, depending on how long you have to go until harvest.


Do you get runoff in those beds? Is it built in a way that you can flush?

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I typically do not get runoff as it takes much water to do so. But sometimes do, I will be looking to flush pretty well tonight and get some runoff and check the EC . I DO have one plant in a pot on the side of the beds, I HAVE flushed it and the runoff tests very high (not sure why as my feed has really not been too high never over 1.5 EC) Yeah the leaves are a bit brittle as well, So I do agree I need to flush and hope to free up potentially locked out nutes.

Thanks…yeah I have 3-4 weeks before harvest. Gonna flush good tonight, get some runoff and check EC levels.