Having some issues, needing some help 1 week in flower


Haven’t updated in a while but here are the ladies about a week or two from harvest. The deficiencies in the beginning of flower definitely affected what my yeild will be. The Northern Afghan cross had been super hungry for cal/mag the whole time. But all in all its a successful run.
My second attempt at aquaponics and I didn’t kill the plants and also getting a harvest so can’t complain to much!

Pics are from the 21st so they’re a little further along then the pics.


Awesome job, keep up the good work. Plants looking great


Thanks @Mrcrabs!
Not bad for fish grown weed.
Like I say second attempt and they made it all the way to harvest. So I’m super happy with it!
Now if I can keep the 3rd attempt deficiency free I’ll be on cloud 9!


that’s awesome @Indica_Dogo


@BIGE Thank you!


Some close ups.

bubbas gift

Northern cross

widow haze cross


Awesome bro looks like they recovered pretty well.