Having some issues, needing some help 1 week in flower


@Hogmaster @Dumme @Mrcrabs @AquaponicSteve
I need some help here guys. I ran my first experimental run smooth with not real problems.
So we started a second run with some plants given to me by a buddy.
And the problems started shortly after putting these healthy happy ladies into our setup.
The setup is:
Dual root zone aquaponics, with CHOP planter bed.
Tent is inside, fish tank is outside plumbed through the wall.
2 indica crosses 1 sativa cross
Ph 6.8-6.5
Water temps in tank 65°~75°
Tent temps 70°~82°
Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate 5 ppm
Soil is back gold mixed with worm dirt from worm bin
Use DTPA for Iron
Recharge in soil every other watering
Age Old Organics brand bloom nutes in flower now.
Foliar feed silica before lights on once a week or so.
2 koi, 2 goldfish, 2 algae eaters, and a handful of minows.
Walfart floating and sinking pellet food for fish.

Flipped to 12/12 on the 14th. So almost 10 days in flower now.
They had these deficiencies in veg also so it isn’t something that has just started since flip. I know I shouldn’t have flipped to flower until I had everything straightened out. But I was running into height issues and is why I flipped with problems unsloved
Hope I didn’t screw the pooch doin that!

But the problems started in new growth first.
When I first noticed it starting about 2 weeks ago.
Here are some pics of the 3 plants.
The smallest, newest sativa first from the left is looking like it’s the least affected.
The black dog in the middle looks like she’s turning totally yellow on top new growth and spreading down.
The Afghan northern cross on the right seems to be doin better then the black dog but not great either.

Sativa (left)

Black dog (middle)

Northern cross (right)

Hope the pics are worth a damn and you guys can see.
And thanks for taking the time to read this long ass post!


@APmeds this is Marty’s tag too and @BrayneGro from the show I will be on later tonight we will get you fixed up buddy


Thanks man!


Do us a favor and post any updates. You’re catching it early so fingers crossed!


I’m thinking about getting a saltwater reef master test kit to see cal/mag, phosphate, iron and things like that .
I will keep posted. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s been that early a cath. They been in bloom 9 days and aND maybe 2 weeks before flip is when some slight yellowing of margins in black dog and in northern cross was slight yellowing of veins. Wich really confused me lol.
I thought it was some sort of ph issue due to the different types of deficiencies.

Could the colder temps at night be making the water temp between the fish tank outside and the plant bed inside the tent to big a swing or to cold maybe?


Well, i think you are right that you should have straightened them out
before flipping them but I get what you mean about space.

Looks to me like you either have a couple imbalances or maybe some ph
issues? How confident are you in your ph testing? Could also be an issue
with soil staying damp… how are the inside of the buckets setup?



I have a ph meter and also retested with the chemical drops thinking maybe the meter was off. But it was the same each time I tested both. I then calibrated my ph meter and checked again lol.

The buckets have a layer of hydroton balls that is about 2" higher then the water level and separated with burlap. So the soil has a chance to dry out.
But idk maybe the soil is still wicking up water and the bottom staying wet…?


Thanks Marty


@Indica_Dogo I’m having the same problems, This is my third go at aquaponics. Good luck, will follow along, keep us updated.


What kinda problems you having exactly? Does it look like multiple deficiencies at the sane time or one deficiency through all the plants?

I added some more cal/mag yesterday.
But everything still looks the same. The middle plant is still not loving life right now and the plant in the right is showing what I think is worsening mag issues.

But being still new to growing in general, I’m ot confident in my ability to correctly recognize what deficiencies I’m having.
So I have what I think looks like mag deficiency lol.


We had a lot of rain, my pond is outside and when I went to check my ppms they where at 125. So I started top feeding my Plants since I new they weren’t getting enough nutrients from my pond. All my new growth is getting much greener.




What is the ppm in the fish tank @Indica_Dogo?


My ppm’s of tank are 365. It’s been a little higher but since in flower I’ve cut back the fish feeding a little bit. And just topped off with 2 gal r/o.
I am top feeding with Age Old Organics brand bloom nutes, cal/mag and Recharge.

I’ve still also got a film that develops in the planter bed on the surface of the water. Steve from Potent Ponics said it’s just bacteria and I need to get more media in the bed.
Wich I agree with totally, I wonder if the roots are getting to much light?

Here are some pics of them since the first ones.
The northern cross.

The black dog which still looks miserable…

I wonder if I’m just not feeding the fish enough or not top feeding enough?


Here’s a pic of the film I was talking about.

OH I FORGOT! I just also added Aquaponic Elements
From the Aquaponic Source! It’s a dry powder in a little tea bag and you put it in your planter bed. It’s been in there bout a week.


Hope that helps, keep us updated. I will also updated on mine.


So not much has changed. Things look like they’re still slowly getting worse. I’m ot sure what’s going on and so not sure how to fix it.

I really am wondering if the difference in water temps between the fish tank outside and the temps in the planter bed inside is causing the problems?


From the Support Ticket I noticed your input ph is a full point higher than hydro should be. This looks like a ph lockout with the plant starved for nutes.

5.8 ph. Or is Aquaponics run higher?


Aquaponics does run higher. If the ph is to low the fish will suffer and if the ph is to high the plants will suffer.
I have been told the ph should be between 6.3 to 6.8 ish. At least that’s what I remember lol.