Having some issues. Help appreciated

About a week ago i watered this ww auto with some recharge. She was praying up really nice before the watering. I must have overdone it because it started to droop afterwards and has yet to perk back up. Other that the droop im not seeing much else wrong but this has me puzzled. Growing in a peat & compost. Could that overwatering still be my issue?. Havent watered since. 20210507_122834|375x500

compost mix.

Looks to be, your planting several plants in one container! If this is so, it would be your first mistake as this will lead to “root bound” issues, if not now then possibly later down the cycle.
That aside, looks to be heavily watered and you are in a bigger container. This may take more time then in a smaller pot to correct so patience is key!
Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!!

I too would say over watering but if you haven’t watered in a week…something else might be going on. Your medium looks very dry. Give us some specs about your grow. What’s the temp, humidity?

Oh and @Northerngreenthumb is right unfortunately. Never try to grow more than one in one container. Might start out ok but you’re going to have problems. It seems to be pulling hard and it doesn’t look like you tied it down to cause this. Is the light the direction she’s turning?

It is just one plant. Looks kinda like two because of my terrible attempt at lst lol. Temp is 70 and humidity is around %45-50. Ive got her under a viparspectra xs 1000 at around 14". Maybe too much light? Only have it around 75% though.

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Drooping after a watering isn’t so uncommon. Give her 24 hours and she should be fine.

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Its been about a week since i watered her. Could it be that i gave her too much ppm?

Drooping is normal unless it persists across multiple days.

Soil looks dry at the moment. It may be droopy because it’s needing water again.
When watering water slowly so that the water is being properly absorbed by the medium. When watering slowly, you can verify water coming out of the bottom, and not the sides.
Happy growing. :seedling:


What’s your light manual call for height at this age? 14" seems really close to the top of the canopy. Usually your light is never that close even in flowering. I would ease the LSTing up some on the right part of the plant. It looks like the majority of it is sitting in the dirt. I agree with covertgrower…I’d water again for sure. See what they do. If it’s been a week since the last watering, that’s a tonnnnn of time. They’re probably really dry.

Thank you for the input. I am moving the light to 18" on %75 intensity. I also just gave her a very small and slow watering with just a touch of recharge.

No problem at all. I’d keep the light intensity the same. Just my two cents. Let us know how she does with the changes.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I did like some said and gave her some water and moved the light up and now she has perked right back up.

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