Having seedling issues

Lol. I bought these for almost 300 bucks after everything Had to send a guy money order I. The mail like it’s 2003 over here and this is the 3rd and 4th plants that have grown this way. I had the other 2 never even grew past the first 2 leafs. I don’t understand what’s happening here. Can someone tel me ?

Can you describe your lighting, soil medium, nutrient feeding, water schedule and pH?

What kind of environment are you creating for the seedlings? Temperature and humidity?

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I go flower tent first.
Hlg550 with uva bar attachment
Floraflex B1+B2 +cal mag by foxfarms. Gringorasta
Real growers recharge mammoth p and alf100
I use nectar for the gods ph up and down And silica

In this order I mix in silica. Cal mag. B1.B2. Slf100 Then if I need to I ph down it with the Hades down most times I don’t because it’s at 6.1 without any help so I leave it. Then I add mammoth p and mix again. Put it in a 1 gallon sprayer and spray my soil untill I get run off. I like to see a fare run off. My EC rite now week 6 of flower is 2.0 i last used recharge week 5 of flower. So last week. Ph range 5.9-6.2 but I usually give em 6.1 or get at 6.0 if it’s off. I use tap water that I let sit in a bucket for 48 hours with air stones. I have 3 buckets I alternate works so far but I have plans.

Vege tent.
Silica cal mag floraflex ph down mammoth p recharge
:cold_face:ph6.0 EC 1.6 young plants get just ph6 water as do freshly transplanted ones. They get recharge water. I grow in coco loco and ocean forest mix as j ran out of coco loco so now I mixed it and I’m almost in straight ocean forest.

What about the lighting in the veg tent? Lamp model and schedule, please.

I’d like to see the root zone of the dwarfed plants.

It’s a viper spectra 600 wat full spectrum blurple I plan on replacing it soon. Like 2 weeks. 18/6 schedule j do dark time in vege tent. More normal seeming to me. Sorry man tired worked all day. I know I’m forgetting something I have 6 inch clip fan in there hurricane brand. I have 4 inch inline ac infinity exhaust with a carbon filter pulling out. In water every and feed in vege every 3 waters. Recharge every 10 days. .25 ml of slf100 with my nutes 5ml when I just water. I use doctor zymes also as a management spray and soil drench Every few weeks.

The dwarfs are which ones the short ones with the single leaves or the small seedlings??

Both. If your seedlings are all dying in this stunted state, I’d like to see the other half of the plant (i.e. the roots).

How much are you watering the seedlings and what are you using? Are there holes in the cup for drainage and what soil are you using?


We’re headed in the same direction, I think.

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Yes there’s drainage I’m just spraying em with a spray bottle with 6.0 water just like the other seeds. That’s 3 out of 10 that did that. Grew funny like that. And the one that’s bent grew up like not through the hole in the root root cube and as very small when cane up it came up I. Under 24hours from putting it in the root root pod. That bet one is a bag seed the weird stunted ones are seed junky genetics willies kush cake. I just got in from work I’ll post pics of the roots in few


Sorry. Can you photograph them under a natural light? The root color is impossible to distinguish under blue/purple LED. I should have been clear initially.


Looking at your rootball they look really wet. Even when you mist the soil you can over water them. As farmers we want them to do well but we can over love them. When they re that young they do not need too much water. What is the ratio of additives are you adding to your water. The cotyledon have lots of food for the seedling to get started. Plus if I remember you in a FF soil which will have food also.

I haven’t given any food. I usually wait for it to need food like start to get lite

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Cool. I’d let that root zone dry a little. It still looks wet to me.

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Transplant into very; very low n.p.k soil with some worm castings and they should,
Boy they look awesome for their age But lrt then dry out. I see your picks of the roots and boy that looks way to wet… I would have to say that, that’s what killed your other plants over watering in the very beginning.

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Those where some cuttings you seen all wilted up from when I topped one of my plants the plants still too young I was just trying nine of my seeds That have come above the ground have died yet lol. :crossed_fingers:

None not nine 0. Non zero. The one plant is growing from the get go with 2 stems. And the other one is a mutant they are both mutants lol.