Having problems with my nutrients

Could anyone tell me what is better/ single part nutrients or double
I’m using single but by the time i add my additives there’s hardly any a and b going in
My plants aren’t looking good, wondering if that’s the problem
Using Professer’s nutrients

More parts you have the better control you will have. Unfortunately more parts usually equals more complicated. Most can find a happy medium and with a little research be successful.

You mentioned additives, with a proper base nutrient program you shouldn’t need much for additives. What all are you using?

Proffesors Nutrients
They say add all nutrients into solution tank first then top up with A and B
Thank you for your help

Additives first sorry :disappointed:

Maybe it’s a miss print :face_with_monocle:
They sent me a book
I will change it around

Should tell you what to add per liter/gal of water. That way they don’t cannibalize themselves, a tds/ppm meter would help as well to know your input

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I was asking what you’re using for additives, sorry.

They say 50 ml to 10 Lt of nutrients
( 100 ml combined )

The additives are go green, grow fast
Go green is prevents and restore common deficiency’s
Grow fast is veg booster
If you put what they say in 10 lt the EC is too high
Cannot win
But I will try again
Thank you

I’m keeping the Ec at 2
Could I go up to2.2or higher

I’m looking at schedule and can see where it says that, which doesn’t make much sense to me at all. It’s actually backwards from way I was taught.

It’s almost like they want to advertise they have a 2 part nutrient system that doesn’t work. So you need to get all of the other bottles in, then add the 2 part.

Yeah it’s stupid I’ve changed my nutrients and gave a dose of blood meal
Thanks bob


Advanced nutes makes a ph perfect line

General hydro makes multiple lines, flora and maxi series work well

Fox farm dirty dozen

Jacks 321 is an all in one

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Also big thanks to @dbrn32 who handled the entire thread :wink:

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You guys are good :+1:

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Tag team back again
Dbrn on them lights so let’s begin