Having problems with my leaves

I’m not sure what is going on with my plants. This is a pic of the leaves, but no visible signs of any bugs at all. I grow in a tent, so there are no animals getting to it either


my dog sneaks a bite everyonce in awhile but I catch him. so that aint it. Only other idea is wind. how many fans do you have in there and how hard and directly at the plant are they pointing? wind can cause wind burn, leaves to break and damage kinda like what you have.

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That’s got to be something munching on your leaves. The cavalry will arrive and help you get this fixed.

Mmmm have you looked for grasshoppers, caterpillars, snails? Search them by night :wink:

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Cat…my guess


I’ve posted other pics, heres a new one. I thought it might be my cat as well, but I have cat proofed my tent. Thought maybe bugs, have checked day and night, nothing visible. Fan is at medium speed, same as always, never had this happen before. Could it possibly be light damage? I know lights can do all sorts of crazy things, don’t know if this could be it.

Idk man…that looks like a cat :joy: Or did those leaves start off weird almost looks like they grew out kinda like that? Or stretched into the fan? Not wind burn, but…blade burn.

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There not from a topping you did previously and grew that way right? It’s totally brand new …use to be fine leaves?

Yes sorry just back on never figured it out thanks