Having peoblems

When germinating seeds by soaking them in water do you plant the seed as soon as it splits and you see the Taproot or do you wait until the Taproot looks like a tail. I have been trying to plant a seedling for two weeks now and I’m having all sorts if problems. I even tried germinating in soil and not even that is working. What do I do?

I usually cracked in water(34-48hrs). Then into a slightly damp paper towel for a few days till taproot poles out 1/4 inch or so. Then into either a Pete pellet or rock wool cube.

Note: sometimes taproot just don’t get that big, I still plant them and they usually sprout.

I am fairly new as well but have had 100% success with the paper towel method. I let the tap root get about 1/2" or longer and plant. Absolutely no issues.

Does anyone out there plant their seeds directly into soil without germinating first? If so do you have any tips or pointers for that method