Having issues with high temperature

Hi this is my first time growing, my seed sprouted a week ago and I have it on an 18-6 light cycle. I’m growing in a 2x4 gorilla tent and I do have an AC incline fan T4 series with a carbon filter but I am growing in an apartment so I can’t filter clean air through a window or anything. I have a cheap humidifier running RH was 35% when I first started and now it’s around 60-65%. temperature is high 84-87 with lights on 76-78 with them off. The room the tent is in stays around 68. How do I better control the temperature in my tent? The light I have is a HGL100.

Forgot to mention my seed is a photo not an auto

Open up a lower vent, I use two layers of charcoal carbon filter sheets on my lower vents so there are no light leaks during transition/flower.

Is your exhaust fan on 10? Guess it’s gonna sound like a dumb question. But your exhaust fan is exhausting into the room right? Not just cycling air inside the tent. I run much more heat producing lights and my lung room is 75, tent 79. With a 68 lung that should be easy to drop.

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I’ve heard dehumidifiers will raise the temperature by 10+ degrees. If you’re vegging I wouldn’t worry about running it.

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Lower vent is open I will buy some of those charcoal filters for it as well, the fan is exhausting into the room not a stupid question as I set it up wrong to start lol

I’m using a humidifier my RH is way to low without it although I don’t doubt that’s the reason my temp is up

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Low humidity isn’t that big of a problem. Unless it’s like extemely low, under 35%. I try to keep my entire space ~50. Since it’s most important it’s not high in late flower, causes mold/mildew. Meaning most the time all my plants are growing in the 50 percentile. From seedling to harvest. I don’t even dome seedlings. These guys got a little hot and pushed well. Why they are a little dark and funky looking. It’s 92% outside today so this tents taking a little bit of a dive to compensate for the two flower tents. No harm. Was 86 this morning in there, that’s why there’s that funk happening. Can see the temp/hygrometer of current.

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Yea my humidity was dropping into the low 20s which is really weird since my roommate has been at a constant 50-60% range without a humidifier. I did realize the humidifier I have is warm mist not sure if that could be a problem