Having issues like most newbies

Garrigane I read this blog like 15 - 20 times and I have a bag of each more less thinking it would better my efforts . I have the fox farm , ocean forest , happy frog , coco coir , and vermiculite , perlite , dolomite lime . Now I had a seedling started in a rock wool plug and it’s about a week old and I up rooted to notice it was struggling trying to root through the rock wool cube , so I place it very cautiously in the mix of fox farm red bag , ocean forest , coco , perlite and vermiculite mixed with a 3/4 cup of dolomite lime compost that I baked in the sun for like 4 days , and hoping for the best that maybe it will take off and at least grow a few nodes so I can put the struggling stressed bag seed plant into flower and maybe make it to the finish . I place a significant order from ILGM and trying to stay hopeful and patience that my investment make through without the hassles of some of the bashing complaints I’ve read so far with some clients and the issues of international mail . Let my faith be before me and the glory in reaching a profound regiment of preparing and producing some very stout short bushy flavorful buds …I’m all in $1670 and have a stronger by far more expensive light on order , the Kind xl 750 hoping to also obtain another tent for veg and one for flower , so maybe the cloning process would be less tankful from seedlings and to maintain a sure supply of quality at the least instead of a bag full of short lasting street crap . At some point a nice mason jar of some lemon Kush or white widow , sour diesel or blue berry would be ideal for a medical calling in a few months to come …Lord let thy be success on the horizon through the grueling agony of brain storming from the depths of a few inches of not knowing !!!

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Am I being scammedit been 31 days and I have not received my order what s goimg on how do I report to card company

Well ok …sorry about that didn’t know
Yes I know how costly it can be …i’em into this BIG TIME …lol

That’s why i’em cloning to help cut costs just in seeds along
Next mite be the lights. Iem running two 1000w hps @ night I may get two 600w hps by ipower
If things go right i’ll have 5 different strains in cloning by the middle of summer.
What I have read on your post so far makes me think more about my soil and for that I Thank You because I would not have given it another thought.
So I sure i’ll be updating my soil next time around.



Speaking of 5 gallon versus three gallon, that I went from six inch root bound pots to five gallon buckets at the time I really believed that I had already done several bad things as a beginner and that they will be vegging for a very long time till I get experienced, BUT transferring to five gallon pots caused me to over water several plants till I figured out I need to drill holes on the sides in four places along with the five they have on the bottom already, cause the soil stays too wet half way down. Now I have two very damaged two month old plants from overwatering, but not dead, just recovering with new growth, and I haven’t watered for five days, maybe six. Oh well, just after transpant, I noticed a problem cropping up, and I took like seven clones each off the damaged ones, due to thinning them out.

Anyway, I might later stick to three gallon pots. I am shocked that I just tested, and I might be able to go several more days without adding in water, unless I finally drill those aeration holes in the five gallon buckets! My problem was mainly health problems that cycle on me, and the pain meds that muddled my thinking. And the two most easily damaged were already weak I suppose from over nutrienting them previous. I’m lucky I have any plants still left standing. I am gonna be taking things slow on these oldest plants, not even giving full strength fertizer, I don’t care if I end up flowering them if they are later six months old, their producing a lot of clones for me that likely will fair better and get flowered faster.

Hey Bud, all my buckets are 3 gal I start off in 6" pots then switch to the 3 gal
You talk about over watering,lol man I think I got you beat…lmao
My plants were so over watered…I took them one @ a time and using my fingers gently removed the mud not harming the roots and
placed them into fresh soil with water mixed with root shock one cap of Hydrogen Peroxide
and then prayed…I had 20 of them to do talk about pain staking ordeal…lol
It did take about 5 days and they were back…but you can see even now that it has set them back by about two three weeks.


Well hopefully I get enough trial and error and hopefully my shipment makes it successfully , because than I will have marketed products that may give me a better chance of succeeding or that will be a bigger migraine and back to streets where anything is possible . There is no guarantee either way as of now unless you are positioned where if can a walk in pick item like Walmart ? But for those who seek the grueling efforts to only supply and demand for the labor of what it takes to grow medicine and not monetary gain seems to be in a pickle and cookie jar of vinegar …Only the Lord knows I’m in dyer need .

Ok latewood I need the recipe of mixing the ILGM nutrients per gallon for W.W. & O.G. Kush , it’s only 8.5 oz which is not as much as other U.S. Market brands , but I do not want to used it wrong and create issues that I fought for 3 weeks learning how to fix . I’m waiting for the protector package but I have germed 2 seeds of you guys one of each ww og Kush , so I want to get this right after screwing up the bag seedling . So if you can brother can you give me the measurements of how to mix per gallon .

I had it near by. hope this helps


Yoshi said:

Thank you save it to my favorites , og Kush is showing tap root in paper
towel , just waiting for widow , than I will plant in soil mixed medium
. I mixed fox farm red bag with fox farm ocean forest , coco coir ,
perlite , vermiculite , and roots organic into to a compost and now I
know to layer the soil in the 2.5 liter pot until 3 - 4 week , than
transplant to a 3 gallon for 3 weeks and possible finish or to a 5
gallon 2 weeks before flower and only feeding 3 times in 4-6 weeks and
should do okay with this new XTE Diamond series advance lighting LED
light with dimmable switches . This light is worth every penny and dime
spent . Spread cover is phenomenal with intensity . Not in a hurry so
much now that I have most of what I should need to finish . Waiting on
protector kit from ILGM , and hopefully in a day or so it should make
through the mail , and I should have some very nice looking plants to
show support to ILGM growing family that you guys are the real deal in
helping ordinary people to stealthily supply themselves with quality
grade medical medicine for the ones who are in need of top grade herb to
live normally without prescriptions pills that helping one thing but
destroying the human liver . Thank you guys and wish me luck , hopefully
my second time out the starting gate this quarter horse show be able to
win , place, or at lest show …happy growing !!!

Why don’t you just put them into qt size pot then when there ready, to the 3 or 5 gal bucket less transplant the less shock. This way you are only transplanting one time not three
Just a thought.


I was told by someone on here to transplant using that method , but yes it makes sense to do it once . So plant seedling in 2.5 after germinated and than in 4-6 weeks or so depending on the growth transplant to a 3 gallon or 5 would be better. Now my question is could a plant successfully finish to harvest in. 3 gallon indoors or at least a 5 for full maturity . I was told I could finish in a 2.5 liter and actually had some root bound issues that caused a few other leaf problems that it brainstormed me being a beginner , I just decided to transplant to a 3 gallon after having all kind of leaf issues and new soil and it showed revival and new growth . So it’s still holding on trying to regroup from so much stress but still have yellowing on bottom fan leaves , but topped it and it’s actually growing 2 new set of nodes with really green leaves , but I also bought a better built light with dimmeable switches for veg and bloom and I believe this XTE 200 Diamond series advance LED will definitely give it the intensity and full spectrum at the watts the light says , because there is a serious difference from the 400 watt led and this new light . It’s a 200 but it’s much bigger than that 400 by at least 8 inches and the diodes is the most recent technology . Just in a day of a full 18 hours after putting to planted seedlings in there , that usually takes 2-3 days to sprout , they sprout in 18 hours of running after re-doing the tent last night …very impressed and have high expectations that I can definitely reach success , that 400 watt just didn’t seem like it’s was putting out enough spectrum and intensity like this advance light. But in all hopes wish me luck , waiting on plant protector from ILGM to arrive , so I can have everything to grant me success to get a decent harvest in about 14 weeks.

That’s what I do and i’em getting ready to put my clones with root system now into qt. size pots then like you said and than in 4-6 weeks or so depending on the growth transplant to a 3 gallon this is what I grow in till finish. The reason is because my grow tent is 76 " tall with lights hanging 12 - 18" plants in 3 gal with that all said it leaves just en room for a 3 ft. plant with room from plant to light So for me a 5 gal bucket is just to tall


Hey yoshi, been reading your posts. I started with exactly what you have now. W/W and OG with Roberts booster trio. Their great strains to start with. And your getting great advice. The only thing I would add is get cal-mag to supplement the booster when you get to flower. I didn’t need it in the veg stage. But just be careful not to overdo it as their in the mass and flower booster already but I saw deficiencies about 4 weeks in. Half strength was where I stayed at. I have the Botanicare cal-mag plus. You’ll love the booster. It’s worth every penny. I got great yields from the OG. The W/W I cut way too soon. Impatience. Oh well live and learn. Good luck

That’s good to hear , so Mikea can you like give a small detailed schedule on the watering and feeding , and you think biotonical cal mag ? Because if that worked , than I would hate to get that far and close to experiment with something else .

Now will I need co2 in a 2x2x5 set up ? The guy I know that grows and breeds said no , but I’m thinking maybe just enough added in the flowering stage in between week 2 or 4 of flowering , but again I have yet to get that far . But Mikea your schedule would be greatly appreciative at this point because I’m trying to do 3 plants , one of each strain to have options and to see what I would prefer of the 3 and stick with that before I make changes in strains , after reading tons of blogs that every strain respond differently in certain climates and temperatures . So if you would can you like email at parsonyoshi@yahoo.com your schedule so I can make a note of it as a guide line . Now I have Roberts feeding and watering schedule , and been trying to dial in my own , but I made a few costly mistakes that could of been catastrophic but the bag seed plant survived and revived . But I have no clue with the next to , so any information will help . Again measurements per gallon , and weekly schedule , and topping or pruning techniques would help to as well . Im afraid I’m going to need another tent maybe the next size that would hold maybe 4 plants vertically due to limited space I’m not trying to get crazy with it . But I will purchase another XTE advance lighting LED , most likely another 200 because you can pig tail from one to thee other , and this light is kick ass from what I experienced in just 2 days .

this where I’m at now with everything , but this light is has impressed me in just 2 days more than the 400 watt I started with .

Here ya go Yoshi.
Hope this helps


Ok I save it to my favorites and phone , so the first feed seems to be in week 4 before the switch to bloom according to the chart . So in the first 3-4 weeks are until it reaches 12’- 16’ just water in the super soil medium.

So my temperature is around 84 .5 F and humidity is about 74% . Do I need a carbon filter and intake exhaust fan set up to stabilize grow room temperature , or is these temps and humid ok . If I need a fan and carbon filter set up which one would be best for a 2x2x5 ? This should finalize all items to run room consistently and effectively until I can set up the 3x5 x5.5 …any knowledgable advise would be considered ?

Temperature is kinda on a limit … i never let temp goes over 80F just in case … U could try open a bit the window/door of the tent it might work since its aint that big of a problem