Having issues like most newbies

I use a 400watt and cooltube and a charcoal filter from “ipower” works great. My opion the for the money they make decent equipment for use work’n folks.Dimable fan cooled ballast, being able to switch from mh/hps is nice too. I also use a hollandstar LED. they are good deal also. Its way brighter the my buddie mars hydro 2. Very happy with both, and up till i burnt them yesterday the girls love them too. Lowered lights for something and forgot them lower all day when i was at work.

Just reading through old posts - does anyone rinse their starter Coir? I read somewhere that its a good idea to rinse it as it can have high salt content being that it grew in an ocean Environment and that some brands may be salty - I had issues with some emerging plants dying unexplained, so the last time I took the coir Ocean Earth mix and took a 2 gallon bucket of rain water with adjusted PH to low 6 range (No PPM meter yet its on the way) I trust the PH liquid brand and color chart. I put the soil in cheese cloth folded it into a ball and dunked it in the bucket until the ball sucked up water and then pulled it out and squeezed out the excess - yep watched the water in the bucket turn a nice color thinking all the nutrients had just been washed out of it - and then proceeded to re-rinse and then pot as normal - the seeds took off in two days of amazing growth and a week later I am already thinking about Transplanting as I am looking at the third set of leaves - WOW the difference was night and day over previous attempts . Growing like on fire. I got the coir on line it came in bricks as I could not find it anywhere locally that was not in some mix - after all was said an done with different potting starter mixes I walked into a local farm store and there on the discount fall shelf - bags of Ocean Forrest, PH Up and Down and test quit, Coir in large blocks, FF trio (I had looked every where for it) Mykos Root stimulant, FF Bat Guano, and EarthWorm Castings I was in heaven.

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Always pre-rinse bag soil for seedlings and transplanting with balance PH

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Those brown spots on the two opposite leaves from the same set.

Give them a shot of recharge and 2.5 ml to a half gallon of veg nutrients, after a day or two transplant them in they final 3 or 5 gallon pot. 3 gallon will be just as good as a 5 in my opinion.

Hello everyone, it’s been a very long journey. It’s hurt my heart to read a few old schools here, who taught me along my learning, growing great organic medicine, has gone on to glory. But I promise them I would share that knowledge of information honestly and openly with those who are willing to learn and make mistakes, is how you really learn to be honest. This has been and still is the best growing journal and family on W3 hands Down !

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Hi. I’m DebbieM. Could I also have that guide to sick plants? First time I have 2 plants in veg for a long time they’re different ages and I lst them. I can’t get a pic to load here

Sorry @DebbieM , Garrigan recently passed away. Also, there is no sharing of personal information on this forum. Thanks for your understanding and happy growing!

I’m so sorry to hear that. My first day I got email replies so I thought it was ok


humid acid will normally fix most plant deficiencies !

@yoshi I looked it up, that looks really good. I have the foxfarms trio, but I only just got it and I think I overwatered/overfed it as my tips are brown and curling up. I can’t post a pic from my stupid computer. Thanks for the advice, I think I will pick some up next time I’m at the farm and fleet

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U are probably getting nute burn doesn’t the soil ur using already have some nutrients in it and then ur adding more. Babies don’t like it. What is ur EC on ur run off.

@Jaydawg6528 I don’t have a clue. I don’t even know what EC means. And I can’t figure out how to post a pic. I am an old dog trying to learn a new trick

@Jaydawg6528 I have ordered a ph and tds meter

You need to just run some water through them flush them out then when you get your meter u can Measure your feed

@Jaydawg6528 I think I was also overwatering, so I let them dry out and watered today. Enough so the trays filled up, then I emptied them. Hopefully that will work as a flush. I just can’t find a way to post the pics. I only have 2 plants but I am really proud of them, they are different ages and sizes so I’m taking time in veg to even them out, but with the lst the bigger plant is turning into a MONSTER. When I prune her I should have more than a dozen bud sites.
It’s exciting and relaxing all at the same time, and how nice is that?

I feel the same about my babies they are like our children watching them grow up is so exciting and stressful at the same time. Don’t worry too much remember it is a weed and they’re pretty hard to kill unless you do something really bad to them. U Will find a lot of good information here and the people here really do you want to help out. I think you’re doing just fine next time you go to water pick up the cup see how much it weighs when you first water it then let it dry out a little bit the cup will get lighter… try to get on a regular watering schedule like a set day at a time. What is the problem with not being able to upload images is it your phone or your computer. Here’s a picture of my first babies.


I think the pic issue is both really, they’re old. The google photos won’t go in with microsoft files and won’t even drag over. Next time I see my daughter I will ask her, maybe she can tell me wtf it is.
My girls are in 3 gallon cloth pots, LST and pinched at the top. I’m not worried about time since they are 2 different ages I’ll wait for the small one to catch up, I’d like them about 6-8 in tall before I put them to flower. My older plant is a monster, LST and she took off. I had to chop off most of the original stalks and now she’s getting even bushier. Pruning her is going to be really intimidating.
I think I’ve overwatered them from the start, but not by much. This last time I went 4 days and they got pretty dry and loved it, I’m using the feel it method, going down about 3".
Thanks for responding

Sounds like u are doing everything u should be. I no how u feel about ur plants it’s so exciting and stressful at the same time but it’s well worth it in the end. Glad u found this site there are a lot of knowledgeable people here feel free to hit me up if u have any questions or if u just want to update on ur progress. Happy growing

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