Having issues like most newbies

i started a few bag seeds from a unidentified strain 3 weeks ago and like most started nutrients the first week by mixing fox farm with technaflora plant products (recipe for success ) mixing them to requirements of instructions , and seemingly I have done something wrong . Started noticing great healthy growing plants at first and I planted in fox farm soil with ocean pacific soil mixed in 2.5 growing pots and watering with nutrients to just moist the soil and they started out great and took a major turn for the worst of yellowing tips on the segregated edges throughout the who leaf , so I removed the first seeds leaves and first set of fan leaves and flushed with at least 2 gallons of water . I do have a a general hydroponics ph control kit with the liquid up and down and water drops and a Milwaukee ph600-box digital tester and a mondi mini greenhouse thermo-hygrometer for humidity and the green pad co2 generator sheets in a grow tent sized at 790 mm x 320mm x 90mm with a 400 watt led grow light with a rainbow humidifier and just purchased a dehumidifier for flowering . Now that I have become discouraged with growing indoors with this being my first time and over $800 invested , I hope this is not a wasted investment of becoming successful of growing such plant as sophisticated as marijuana . Now I have downloaded the grow bible but I’m totally confused with identifying what effects the plants are having . I cannot tell if its nutrient burn , magnesium deficiencies or calcium deficiencies with mixing the two nutrient systems together so strong . Tried using sea of green drops and molasses to help regulate , but not sure if that helped any . before I invest in seed bank seeds at the going rate , I must get educated in how I should start and maintain such a very precise strategic measurements of treatment to succeed at producing a healthy plant through maturity to harvest . HELP ME PLEASE !!! PS. AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE information is definitely needed at this time .

It sounds like you are not watching the build up of nutrients over time in your growing medium, in other words nutrient burn. What is the EC/TDS/PPM at the root zone or in your growing medium?

hey Yoshi the best advice I could give you for a new grower would be to go purchase some miracle Gro potting soil and perlite after you have rooted girls put those in solo cups in Miracle Grow potting soil with perlite mixture nothing but water as needed eventually the plants might start to yellow from the bottom up that’s when you transfer into a bigger container using only Miracle Grow potting soil and perlite mixed in and add water accordingly and eventually at some point in time after the plants reach about two and a half feet tall in a 1 gallon pot they will start to yellow from the bottom up telling you that it needs more nutrients.what you do at that point in time is put it into a 3 gallon or 5 gallon whatever it’s going to stay for the rest of its life and only add in the Miracle Grow potting soil with the perlite and water is needed at the time that you put it into the 3 gallon that’s when you wait a week and throw it into flower there should be plenty of nutrients in the soil to finish up the plants without ever any kind of nutrients at all try that first and see how that goes I have a slew of nutrients gallons and gallons and don’t ever use them.this seems to be the easiest way to get to a harvest.I see too many people loving their plants to death and adding way too many nutrients just get the watering down and the soil already has all the nutrients you need and you should be good to go hope that helps peace out…


Well guys I was told that miracle grow medium was unbalance and release the ph too hot , but unfortunately this is a common issue with expensive soil and nutrients , its almost hard to regulate for beginners . But macgyver stoner , I actually watch them for at least an hour per day contemplating on what’s needed . Now would it be consider to up root them and just replant in fresh soil medium and get rid of the overly treated nutrient soil , because I flushed them twice and have not yet notice a recovery yet , need to say it only been like 3 days as of now . But I’m so driven to succeed at this I’m willing to consider all advice that will securely give me assurance that I can actually produce and succeed for my medical purposes . I am actually not into for commercial , but after studying my medical challenges and spending almost $500 bucks for high grade to help my conditions , I thought it would be considerably cheaper to grow my own , so I invested and its becoming more challenged than what I thought . but I’m going tomorrow and purchase a tds meter hopefully that will add to my chances of succeeding with everything I already collected . Thinking about also adding another 400 watt led grow light to the grow text as well or maybe a cheaper cfl’s . So basically peach fuzz you saying that its no need for nutrients if I have expensive soil or a medium as average as miracle grow basically. Well that was actually a $100 wasted I’m guessing , but okay I’m going to move forward and make a purchase of some seed bank seeds and hopefully after spending $200 on different strains , I will have success after trying a second time .

I think what Peach Fuzz is saying is a style of growing using a mild balanced potting mix for fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t have to be the Miracle Gro name brand. By slowly increasing the container size slowly with fresh soil, this causes the plant’s roots to become nearly root bound in each container while using up almost all the low concentration nutrients contained in the soil. The soil is already balanced with nutrients, not too many of any one and not necessarily lacking in any, as it is a well manufactured commercial potting soil. You are not likely to ever experience nutrient burn in this way. When transitioning to a larger container with more fresh soil, you add a lot more nutrient availability to a already well developed root ball, the continuing transitions in size of containers repeats the process developing a significant root ball and continuing to provide added nutrient without ever over adding nutrients. This technique is a good technique and can be used to develop reasonably large plants with reasonably large yields.

Watching your plants with your eyes for hours a day is not what I meant by monitoring your plants. Getting a TDS meter so you can monitor the TDS/EC, also known as nutrient concentration or “fertility” of your soil, grow media and/or reservoir, will likely increase your success tremendously. You have already been monitoring the pH with your measurements. Feed schedules assume you are already flushing or monitoring the TDS/EC and correcting before problems arise. If you blindly just feed a plant every day or always as a feed schedule might read, you are probably just asking for trouble.

You didn’t waste your money, you just don’t know what you don’t know and it is a learning process, good for you in figuring it out before you kill a bunch of expensive seeds.

Oh yeah, and read this if you haven’t already seen it: http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/measure-ph-tds-soil-regularly/

Yes I will purchasing a tds meter as early as tomorrow hopefullyt this will grant me success knowing this device is like $80 .

Hey mac g, love u buddy thats exactly what I was saying… i feel sorry for alot of new growers overdoing it…but i also know i was there myself once. Lol it sucks…just hope i can help people and say what I’m trying to say.lol peace

Hey if you feel the need to buy the $80 model, go ahead, it will probaly be worth the money and last you a long time. But I have never felt the need to use anything more fancy than a $5- $10 meter like this one on e-bay and it has lasted me years and is still very accurate.


Hey I ordered that tds link order from eBay

What is the best 5 strains for a true rookie beginner to start with auto-flower or feminized seeds

What’s a good strain for a rookie

If you look in the seed shop and select beginner seeds, I believe that is a list of strains that are particularly hardy and can withstand a lot of abuse compared to other strains.

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I’m thinking these plants done had enough . Not seeing any improvement . Hopefully the next one I can get it right.

I’m sorry to hear it. There certainly is a learning curve, and you don’t know what you don’t yet know. I’m sure now that you’ll have a more comprehensive idea of what to keep an eye on, and keep those parameters in their more ideal ranges, you should experience a dramatic improvement in your success.

How to tds meter , is there a certain range of ppm and how you adjust it.

Only one of the plants made it through the burn defiencies after flushing for like 3 times showed new leaf development , so hopefully it will stretch and make it to flower .