Having issues getting seeds to germinate and grow

Out of my first 20 seeds I have only had one that germinated and grew to a mature plant. I then switched to banana kush and cannot get the seeds to germinate. I am following every instruction provided by ILGM. This has never happened to me before. I used to be able to grow without an issue. 3 other seeds germinated but didn’t grow beyond a sprout.

Is anyone else having this problem and if so, what did you do to correct it? I have spent close to $300 on seeds but only have one plant to show for it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First I would contact the seed shop and explain your problem. They will replace them for free. The way I do it is I drop seeds in water, set in a warm dark place for a day or two until I see the seed crack open then plant seed about 1/4-1/2 inch deep. Has worked everytime for me


Thank you. That is what I do, also. But my seeds never crack. I was told to get them out of the water by day 2 or else they will drown. So I do that and put them in a damp paper towel, folded over. And nothing. I did manage to get one good plant, though.

I’ve had seeds in water for 4 days till they cracked and one stubborn ass one sat in a damp cloth for another 4 days…an 8 day nut to crack. Granted that was only one time and I was gonna toss it but developed a " I’ll show you" attitude… lol it’s crazy though that many wouldn’t even burst in 48 hrs.

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HH is correct contact where you got the seeds. And you are not the only one. Out of the 20 auto gorilla glued I purchased end of November I have tried 17 with a few different ways and have not had any at all pop open. I would have bet that at least a couple would have even if all bad but nope. 3 are sitting in shot glass now since Sunday and nothing this morning. I will leave in up to 7 days to see. New seeds on the way with no issues at all getting them.

Yes, I let them sit in the damp paper towel for up to 2 weeks.

They replaced the first 10. Out of the second 10, 3 germinated and one grew. Now I have a new batch and this is just getting frustrating.

I noticed you didn’t mention anything about temperature. That and moisture are the key factors to germination. The ideal temperature is 77-82°F (25-28°C).


Temperature is fine- according to everything I have read. I use a heating pad, under a plate. Then the wet paper towel goes on the plate. And I put a dome over it. I check the moisture several times a day.

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Simple…place seeds in water for 18 to 24 hours.

Transfer to damp paper towel or damp toilet paper. Wait for 48 hours.

You should see a tap root after 24 hours in the damp paper towels.

Place no more than 1/2” into the soil abd place in grow tent.

For the record this house temp is set for 69 degrees and 100% germinating rate. Only 1 seed failure and it was Blueberry Kush Auto. I think I will have another Blueberry Kush Auto failure again. Both times they had a nice tap root.

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Try distilled water. Works like a charm for me.

Put in water in a cup.

Place cup inside dark cabinet in warm area of house.

Next day tap top of seed into water so it sinks.

Wait for it to crack open.

Thank you. I have adjusted the temp to the low-mid 70’s

I have used mineral and purified water. And I do tap them if they don’t sink by themselves. I will try distilled water next.

Thank you

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Oh also it’s important to read bottles and make sure they are not ph’d. A lot are ph to 7.8

Thank you. I tried 3 seeds at once this time. Only 2 cracked and only one of those grew a tap root. The other still might and I am keeping it in the damp paper towel.

I always put mine in a 10 to 1 ratio of 3% h2o2, I always have a tail within 72 hours, most pop within 24 just make sure you keep an eye on them because you don’t want them sitting in the water too long with a tap root.

Thank you. I may try that next time. I can only grow 1-2 plants at a time in my small grow tent. And I have that covered now.