Having difficulties

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m growing Marijuana indoor and I’m having some dificulties , The plants dont have the same growing ratio , and second the leaves are not pointed upword all the times , somtimes they do , but most of the time they are 100% leveld verticaly , and I only have a Ferteliser that you can mix with soil not with water and it;s a 7+7+5 ferteliser , and I have a realy smal place to grow, it;s 60 cm hight and I’m low on budjet so I can maintain a 50% humidity all the time because I lose some in the air cercilation and I dont have a humidifire , I would appriciat any advices , and if you would like I can send some pictures .

To be honest doesn’t sound like any thing is wrong, leaves are supposed to be level. They could be different growing ratios because they need different grow environments, and the leaves could be folding up to to heat stress