Having an effect on the flavor of the cured herb

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Hi, In all that I have read about growing marijuana, I have never heard any mention of the local fauna, especially trees, having an effect on the flavor of the cured herb. In my experience, local trees played a big part in flavor, at least in the past, where guerilla growing was the only outdoor way. Weed grown in Trinity County, California, had a strong piney flavor, while weed grown in Humboldt County, CA, had a redwood/sequoia flavor. A grower in southern California who grows out in the middle of citrus orchards has herb that tastes like citrus, no matter what the variety. Marijuana grown in Newton County, Arkansas, has a mild oak/hickory flavor. I don’t know if it is the pollen in the air, the tree roots, or what, but there seems to be a connection. Any thoughts?


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If I may throw out another thought along the same lines, Can hydro growers manipulate a certain flavor into their weed?

That would be a true statement yes Cannabis can pick up flavors from trees and stuff it grows around like trees ! Say you where next to grapes now it will not have that same effect because the roots of the grapes are going to takeover because of there root system hope that makes some sense ! So yes some do and some don’t depending on what and where your growing by :wink:

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I have done it in soil with 100% pineapple juice… :wink:
Tasted just like pineapples… :wink:

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Sweet!! Pun intended :+1:

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