Having a problem with ants i have i have larvy all over my plants what can i use that wont hurt plants

hello everyone im new to the sight but have been reading alot of post and learning alot of things i didnt know i have been growing for 30+yrs and i geuss i have been doing alot of things wrong for a very long time but here is a few pictures of some that i have going at the present time im thinking two more weeks on the indy and four on the sativa


Welcome to the community. Not to sure but Capt. Jacks dead bug might help. @Covertgrower @nicky @Not2SureYet @Happilyretired @kellydans any ideas.


A cheap non-toxic bug repellent.

Boil some HOT peppers and a couple of cigarettes.
Strain well. Put liquid in spray bottle and apply liberally.
Re-apply after rain. It should stop most bugs from bothering your plants. :+1: :sunglasses:


Ants are usually only present on plants (for the most part) when there is an aphid infestation …the ants farm the aphids and protect them for thier honeydew

The ant will touch the aphid a certain way and it will essentially crap and the ants love it

Make sure it isn’t aphids like oleander aphids …
Get a loupe and inspect the areas of new growth closely

I’m also almost positive the “larve” ypu describe is aphids not ant larve


Jacks is the way to go, especially during flowering.


Always the right way to go, not really sure I trust any other product. Even in veg let alone flowering.
Covert has you covered


Welcome to the community nice-looking tree full of buds.

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