Having a hard time figuring all this lighting info out pls help

ok peeps . the more i watch videos and the more i read articles the less i understand. i have a tiny closet grow its only 20 inches wide by 4 feet long and im going to try and grow 4 or 5 in it . i started with a https://www.amazon.ca/Roleadro-Reflector-Dual-Chip-Hydroponic-Vegetative/dp/B07K9TN6GJ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Roleadro+LED+Grow+Light%2C+Reflector-Series+600W+Red+Bule+Full+Spectrum+Grow+Lamp%2C+Dual-Chip+Plants+Lamp+for+Hydroponic+Indoor+Plants+Vegetative+and+Flower&qid=1561909561&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-1. thinking that would be more then enough as it is 600 watts . then i went and bought 2 ,4 foot dual bulb t8 ballasts with 6500k 33 watt bulbs in them . im using the t8s right now and was going to switch over when there a little bigger. my question is i keep hearing that these leds arent actual 600 watts . is that true? if so then should i try and use all three lights at once and change to 2500k at flowering. im so confused . the led was 100 bucks Canadian that is a lot on my budget so to find out it might not even be close to enough is depressing.

This is true. If you scroll down and look at the specs, this is the true operating power

This will be difficult as well unless you keep them real small. This is 2 plants in a 2x4’

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ok so does that mean the light is technically only 165 watts . so if i was using the best case scenario and getting the top end 1 gram per watt ( i know its not easy) i could hope for 165 grams max .also if i was to add 1 x 2 bulb 48 inch florescents on either side each with 33 watt bulbs would that give me another 132 watts of overall yield power or should i get another of the same light . sorry for all the questions but my im trying to get the best yield i can . i have so much invested already and i really dont want thin scraggly popcorn buds.

The problem you’ll run into is the coverage. That light will be good for a 2x2’ space in flower. So you’d need 2 of them for proper coverage. And customers are saying they’re only seeing 135 true watts at the wall. Lighting intensity is what’s going to give you the denser buds. A lot of us are going with quantum boards but they can get pricey. I also have two viparspectra 300 lights for my garage tent (the one pictured above). I used one for my last grow and was happy with what it did. And they are less expensive than the one you posted. You could get two of them for $40 more than that one roleandro and they’ll have the coverage you need for that space.

This is my last plant mid flower under one of those lights in a 2x2 tent.


Wow that’s under just a single 300? Looks like some beautiful dense tops . Bravo.! It’s a bit more expensive in Canada . But still seems worth it.

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That’s just one. The previous pic I posted is right now but in a 2x4’ tent with two plants and two of those lights. 1 light for each plant

Pretty unlikely you would be anywhere near a gram per watt with t8 fixtures. Doable with blurple fixtures, but definitely not like it’s a given you will pull a gram per watt with them either.

I wouldn’t expect to hit gram per watt your first couple of grows regardless of what you buy. But if you’re looking to run a really efficient grow, you may want to stash a little cash and shop for some better fixtures.

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20” is really narrow for plants grown without training. Even 24” is tight.

Do the doors open to your closet so you can access the entire 4’ length? If so, I’d suggest building a Scrog net, and maximizing your space and light. You could easily do 2-3 plants in a 20”x48” Scrog.

Don’t feel about about being misled with your led light, many of us have been duped.


I do t have doors on the closet I just have a curtain right now and I’m going to seal it with panda plastic and zippers so I have full access to all the room . I plan on using some training and making the plants a sea of green and filling every nook and cranny lol just can’t seem to make headway with lights . Thinking of switching to hps because it’s cheap to buy but worried about to much heat . And leaving it unattended in such a small space . Hoping a second light of the same wattage will fill the closet with dense buds . Just don’t want to grow for months to end up with. Scraggly little popcorn buds that are all leaf . I’m definately overcomplicating things but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to this growing thing

The people above were correct. That space is a bit funky. Sea of Green is usually alot of small plants, grown quickly, and flipped to flower. Usually done with clones. SCROG (screen of green) is the netting u see above. U could make a couple 18 x 20 inch nets and run two scrogs in there. But ud need that second light for coverage. The Role you got could probably do one decently… but reflective material and circulation will be super helpful.


Ooooh screen of green is what I meant . I’m looking into building my own light . I watched a few vids and I’m a wiz with tech. You can by LEDs for cheap and a 300 watt driver for fairly cheapish . I got a humidifier in the room and fan and some mylar .

Smart fella. Tons of builds around here. I even built one. @dbrn32 is the man. U pick budget, intentions, and expectd size. Then check ledgardner.com n look up diy builds for basic info. Then poke the light dr and its on

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Awsome thanks for the advice . I’ll post my contraption if I get brave lol.

Do I use compost and my nutrients. I was going to transplant soon and wandering if I should add some compost to the soil and feed like normal or is compost only for more organic grows

Typically… when adding compost to soil. I like to let it… ‘bake’ in. Ill mix all my amendments and wrap them in a large plastic wrap (like a pool cover) add a bit of water and let it sit a month or three. The compost maybe a bit hot for live plants.

U can top dress ur soil tho and water it in

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So update finally after a long time of stressing over enough light Amazon just popped up with another 600 watt roleadro on super sale. Regular 99 Canadian on for 70 tax included so that will give me 1200 watts or 320 watts from the wall . Hopefully that’s enough for my little 2x4 area lol hoping for some giant colas .

You should do fine. These are side by side in a 2x4 with 125w lights over each plant, so 250w total.


Those are georgus beauty’s there . How far into flower are they? You expected big buds or just lots and lots of smaller buds ?

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Those are only three days into flower. Lots of medium size buds. This was the last one

This was mid flower

This was the night of chop