Having a few issues. Help needed!

I’ve been battling with spider mites but I believe I may be having another issue on top of it was well so I have a few questions.

  1. I used a bottle, 32oz, of captain jacks over the course of 2-3 applications about 3 weeks ago and saw some improvement. I put let around 750 ladybugs in the tent to help as well but they seem to be just dying one by one. So my question is if order another bottle of CJ would it be safe to use, I flipped 12/12 on 11-1. I read somewhere that you should only use CJ up to five times. Also should I do a H2o2 and water mix 50/50 and spray until I get the new bottle of CJ?

  2. On top of the mites does it look like I’m having a mute issue? I was out of town for two weeks right before the flip and had a auto drip malfunction which seemed to flush the soil, FFOF and 25% coco. Should I just plan a 15 gallon flush for tomorrow and then check PPMs?

I have two other plants in the tent as well under the same conditions and they don’t seem to be showing the off colors. I used FF trio for nutes and have been giving calmag with my watering. Watering about a gallon a day.

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New growth is good so don’t do anything different. Deficiencies look like a combination of things but it’s sorting itself out.

You really should be alternating between peroxide and either Captain Jack’s or Safer (different bacterium–I alternate). Sequence is: douche down the plant with 50/50 peroxide and distilled water. Allow to dissipate over 24 hours. Apply product. Wait 5 days. Repeat with peroxide etc.


Spider mites hatch every 3 days …
So any regimen you go with , you need to spray every 3 days for about 3 weeks if you want to get rid of them… :+1::wink:


Thanks! I ordered some safer off amazon so I will give the 50/50 mix and that a try. Safer is ok to use during flower like CJ right? Any tips on after harvest with cleaning the tent? I have 8 plants in veg right now waiting to switch but I want to make sure I’m not dealing with this again when I move them into the bigger tent

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it looks toxic but it organic :+1:

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