Haven't seen this before. Can it be topped and salvaged?

Hi. I’m not sure if this is the correct location for this post so if it’s not in the right place you’ll have to forgive me. I am well into my summer grow here in Southern Ontario Canada. I started my 4 indoors a while back and they had progressed well up until this last week or so. I bought a new system and had to replant them. It seemed to go well. However despite ensuring that each was done exactly the same an issue arose with two. They weren’t feeding properly. They went 3 or 4 days without feed but hadn’t shown signs of stress, at the end of the 4th day I started to top feed the two that had yet to feed from the new system. It’s now been nearly 2 weeks since repotting and they had started to show some good growth. However today I saw the signs of just a few male sacs on one of those two I mentioned previously. Perhaps they were suffering from more stress than I realized. Regardless it is thankfully just one so far and I pulled it and placed it away from the rest. Before I get rid of it I wanted to ask someone else who might know more about it if since it is just a few and located only on the bit of new growth that seems to have grown in the last week or so could the plant be topped past the point of the last sac ? Maybe plus a few inches to the next best nodes? Just let it regrow and see? Is it possible it will pull itself around? Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions on this topic.

Do you have pictures?

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