Haven't received my order

Hi I ordered some seeds on the 5th of August and haven’t received them yet I was wondering how I get replacement or refund thank you look forward to a reply and some help

You should email the sale support staff on the website not the forum. The forum is only for growers support.

Assuming you’re in the us did you get an email with a tracking code if not maybe your card got declined and that’s why

No I’m in Aus

Yeah I’m in Aus and I got confirmation that my order and payment went through but didn’t receive tracking as it said standard post no tracking

That’s all , I waited 9 weeks from seedsman, I would wait a couple more weeks.

Why should I wait that long when it said I should receive my order withing 5 days of my order I have had a mate order through these guys and he received his order in Aus in 3days after payment

@Ja_be OK your money ,the weed industry is dysfunctional .A bird in the hand. ILGM is one of the best out there