Haven’t grown in 28 years

Planted the autos into their final pots from the get go. (3 gallon) Read it stresses them to transplant. They are in fox farms ocean forest. Was wondering if it was nutrient burn perhaps. My understanding was don’t give nutes for a bit in that soil. If I’m wrong or if I am incorrect please let me know. Can you put cal mag into fox farms ocean? They been in there for not too long. Was not planing on feeding them for another two months.

I am just now starting my first auto grow. They have been out of the soil since first part of September and I noticed a few days ago minute brown spots showing calcium def so added just the CaliMagic to their water. I started the water on the AutoPots last night with that in it. Won’t start nutes until 10 days from now. I have them in a mix of FF Happy Frog, Coco Loco, and vermiculite. I have read that the Ocean is a bit too hot for autos. So I would think to not add nutes but the veteran growers here would know better than me on that one. I try to pay attention and let them tell me what they need, or at least on this grow.

What I do is put the germinated seed in a quart size Cow Pot manure based true biodegradable and drop that in my final pot size. So it is transplanting but not transplanting. I find the quart size better than the smaller one. And the pot itself adds a bit of nutes. Have read that the other biodegrable pots are not true biodegradable but the Cow Pots are. It doesn’t smell like manure but man, if my dogs ever get one they won’t give it up.

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Yes, looks looks like a calcium issue - need more.


@KikiGee @Hellraiser
Will add the cal mag in today’s watering. Thank you kindly.

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@Hellraiser @KikiGee @dbrn32
So I fed the cal mag. One of the autos is Still looking awful. My thoughts were either heat stress but running about 74-82 degrees, humidity 30-40% didn’t like the feeding, or too much light. Or is soil too “hot”. Your thoughts? Fed quarter dose of fox farms cal mag.
The one plant is showing major leaf curling and some are dried out. Not overwatering. Using a gauge and I’m close to need to water. Poked it down on all four sides. Maybe the one doesn’t like it? Don’t really want to chance messing up the others. In fox farms ocean. The other ones look ok.
Still have 30 cubic feet of ffof. Hate to waste it but I am having better luck with the regular soil. Pics below. Peace.
Thank you kindly.