Haven’t grown in 28 years

Long time lurker. First post. Boy, a lot has changed over the years. Seeds should be here next week. Still have to get two fans and some run off trays. I would appreciate any and all advice and a lot of criticism. Here is what I have so far. Had to go a little lower end on lights and tent due to money.
TDS Digital water meter.
5x5 Spider Farmer grow tent
Spider Farmer SF-4000
Light meter
Ph meter
Fox farms nutrients
Happy frog potting soil
7 gallon fabric pots
Ipower 350 cfm with carbon filter
Jewelry magnifier
Zip ties
Pruning scissors
Jiffy pots for clones
Advanced nutrients ph down. (Ph is 8.5 here)
What else may I need?
Plan on growing either platinum gsc or sky walker og as a mother then cloning and running from there.


I hate Jiffy pots and so do many others, would be better off with solo plastic cups for clones and seedlings. Also a 3 gal plastic pot makes a great interim pot between solo cup and 7 gal fabric pot.


looks like a great start

Only comment I have is light. Its a good light you got, but be aware it is “entry level” good, not “win the cannabis cup” good. Its not enough to adequately fliwer a 5x5. You will flower, it will be great smoke, you will likely be happy. When the time comes tho your gonna want an upgrade. @dbrn32 is our resident expert on lights and is my first stop when i think lights.

Here some other cats that are real helpful in other areas.

@Draco1 @Drinkslinger @skorpion @myfreinds410 @zee @cannabian @Hellraiser

Welcome to the forum bro!!! I’m a geezer too so I might be able to help ya catch up…


You’ll also need some fans for circulation inside the tent.


damn… nice catch hellraiser. See what I mean??? Lol


Humidifier or dehumidifier may be needed depending on tent conditions.


RH% and temp gauge

Lots of wide mouth quart size Mason jars…

I highly suggest reading Hellraiser guide, it will get you caught up and producing serious yields, I’d show off his work…but it’s your thread :slight_smile:

Happy growing, @Zee if you got questions.


Hellraiser, Think I saw your grow with transplants post on going from cups to transplanting more than one time. May be the route I go. If not you my apologies. But looked super dang nice.
Humidity after running the lights for 72 hours is 43-51%.
Temps are 72-78. I do have a bottom vent open near the ac vent in the room.
As far as an additional light what you recommend? Boy oh boy, about two months out before I can really update it due to funds.
Appreciate the feedback!
All great information. If Im screwing up, hammer me. Don’t be shy, as I seriously love all the advice and information.


Still about a week from Getting seed. Feel free to hijack this thread anytime anyone wants too.
I’ve seen some of your grows.They are awesome! Not ashamed or hurt to learn from people on this page. Critics welcome.
Here to learn.
Question- am I better off since I only have like six seeds coming to try to grow a mother plant and then clone for separate plants?
I’m in no hurry, looking at it long term. Thanks.

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Have a look at an inkbird controller, it will have 2 plug outputs, each plug output is called a work output. Each work output has its own sensor, one for temperature and the other for Relative humidity. These are super useful little controllers, because you can plug humidifier, heater, air-conditioning, inline fans… heck damn near anything you want to trigger.
If you by an inline fan such as the cloudline series, you can set the fan to a max speed and plug it into the controller for a trigger on/off or you can use the cloudline to trigger itself and use the work out to run another device and still have another output to control a separate device like a non digitally controlled humidifier.
The inkbird controllers are pretty inexpensive and a great way to increase environmental control for cheap!


Sf 4000 little small to flower out a 5x5, but it may be good enough for what you’re looking for.

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Thought I ordered a 4x4. But measurements ended up being a 5x5. No wonder I had no room on the top for duct work . Then looked at order and it was. Maybe was a little high. Oh well.
2 fans on the way. Will it support one or two plants to a full veg to clone with? I have a medical card, no worries at all. just looking for a hobby.
*Sorry for all the questions. But I don’t need crazy yields. Will this tent and light work for two plants ?
Was only going to do one plant for a bit in here, then clone.
But, have seen some of your guys yield. Not that I’m greedy but dang your skilled.


Yep, that was me with the transplant tutorial in my journal.

While your light won’t totally light up a 5x5 as well as possible, I think it’s fine for you to get started with, can always add another light later if you want to maximize yields.


Oh boy. Some questions.
So what additional lighting do I need?
If I measure lux with a led, how high up is the light when I would measure?
I totally get it won’t be a professional grow, but completely understand if lighting is subpar so will be the grow. You guys are great.
Hopefully some old guy getting back in the game can see my mistakes and not make them. Appreciate all the advice. Remember, be critical. Feel free to jump in and post.


Taproot. Going into a solo cup. Used three seeds. Waiting in the other two. 23 hours with paper towels misted with distilled water. PH at 6.2.

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18 inches from 60 watt led grow light. Cheap one I had for sprouting my wife’s garden seeds earlier this year. Trying to save a little on electric bill. (Shamrock is trying to go dormant. His name is Bob, and he looks rough. Was going to clip him back and put him in the basement for three months. Put him in there after carefully checking it for any bugs etc with a jewel magnifying glass and a microscope.) It will be the sacrificial lamb when I turn on the bigger LED. This light will run 24/7 until it hopefully pops. Then 18/6. Unless the other two don’t pop, then I will try to clone it, depending on how it looks. Or start new seeds.


@Ynotfish, good start. Tag me if you have any questions.

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One finally decided to sprout through the soil.


Second seed is in a solo cup. The third I am going to wait another 12 hours. Tail just not out far enough.

Thank you for your reply.
Thinking about adding another one. Same size. Would that be sufficient? Or am I better off adding a smaller size one? I know there are better lights out there, but bought this one and can daisy chain it. Would rather stick with the same brand. Don’t want to worry about two lights at different heights.
Couple questions if I may.

  1. Would 2 4000’s be ample lighting in a 5x5x80?
  2. Get a different light for the tent?
    I do not want an hps due to electric cost.
    Thank you for your expert advice.
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