Have you seen this yet?

Vortex series 12 pot “RDWC”

Ok so in true bored fashion I want something fun and new to play with and came across something very interesting.

Has anyone else come across this yet? Alien hydroponics V (vortex) series rdwc

Looks like it would need a little extra work to get where it would be functional but it’s very close


What’s the price of this alien?

Around $3k for that system. They have a 4 pot system for around $1800


These seem to be … expensive, and well-engineered.

I have a “fallponic” RDWC that I mostly put together myself with 3/4" water supply, 3" return. The differences between my several hundred dollar setup and this is … No air pump, uses venturi to aerate the water supply

I think I’d rather spend the serious bucks on lights.

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Eh lights I got, I put together a little space and truthfully like the clean af look they have. I’ve built a few systems myself and not lying have half a setup sitting waiting to get thrown together right now before I decided I may not want to go this route another time…laziness definitely set in.

I even got these cool media-less net pots from gas pack

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Geez… I am in the wrong business. $1,800 for a 4 bucket RDWC setup is outrageous :flushed:. I have 2 RDWC systems I built which run simultaneously (1 system for vegetative growth, and 1 for flowering), each is 5 buckets (4 grow, 1 reservoir). It cost me about $300 for everything. 5-gallon black buckets from Uline $7 each ($70), 20 feet of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and fittings from Home Depot ($50), bulkhead fittings from Amazon ($60), 2 air pumps ($50), 2 submersible water pumps ($50), misc. UV blocking water supply hose ($25) - all from the local hydroponics store.

If I could get $1,800 for a 4 bucket system I would make a ton of money - but that profit is bad karma.

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Oh trust me I’ve sworn off buying hydro systems as well. Over priced plastic garbage! But I’m not gonna lie it looks a lot better than the totes I’ve used in the past

Honestly, all I see is green :green_heart:. The green $$$ I save, and the green :green_heart: :seedling: I grow. The totes/buckets and hose are invisible to me.

Honestly, part of the joy I get from growing is tinkering with the setup.

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