Have you had any issues with the white widow?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I planted one of every kind of seed from my first order and all
Of the seeds I planted are doing great, except the white widow seeds, the 1st seed didn’t germinate and now I have tried germinated 3 more and again nothing has germinated. Have you had any issues with the white widow?”

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How did you try germinating them? I have had 100% success rate with WW when germinating in seedling plugs then transplanting to rockwool cubes

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Normally the ww are one of the strongest strains

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WW has been a very forgiving plant.


Thats a hard lesson. Maybe Im never grow ww because get 10+10 deal and i grow and only finiš 2 plants.
My friends tried, friends get seeds his friends. All plants fail. Everyone says its the most forgiving etc…
I have a bad patch, Im not worried. I even dont want reorder because i dont had pictures all failed seeds. Meh.
But now i think before i buy 10+10 deal.
All other seeds i grow big girls. It not my foul. Not getting that feeling what says to me its forgiving…
But i dont cry,i get up and grow some more and if one moment you find urself in deep woods then its because you doing all right.
Keep it up :clap: