Have you ever seen this before?

So this is a very confused little cousin it… You guys ever see anything like this? It’s supposed to be an ILGM Grandaddy Purp Photo.

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So how far along is this plant, also can you provide information on how you are growing?

Kinda looks like reveg. The plants behind it are in veg? Auto? Has it been same exact schedule as the others?


Gdp has some auto in it - contact the shop and let them know. I grew one last year same thing. Was great smoke btw :slight_smile:

Will be growing gdp later this year plan on 2 gallon pot max just in case. I’d try a smaller pot next round to see if you have more growth

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Yep. Have and had the same issue with my gdp clones from a different seed bank. The mother starting throwing pistils heavy in veg so I just flowered her. The clones grew buds and 1and 3 blade leaves as soon as they rooted. Tried vegging them but nothing happened so I just flowered them also. Here’s one.

It is an Thanks guys that’s what I thought just wanted to hear it from some othersorganic soil grow

It’s in a 3 gal pot

Yes, Ive see it. Usually from clones.

This was from seed. First time for me seeing it