Have white widdow auto , on day 70 and still no signs of flowering

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

have white widdow auto , on day 70 and still no signs of flowering, and they are all of 4ft tall…what is going on here???
-Seed-white widdow auto
-Fox farm/pro mix soil in 5g smart pots.
-p.h. 6.5
-Temps 76-78 daytime, 68-70 night time.
-humidity 50-75 depending on when I water or foliar spray.
-light 1000w digital dimmable Genesis MH (set on 500w) in a sun system xxxl cooled hood.(on 18/6 schedule).
Nutrients- I use as little as possible with running the Fox farm blend, but I do add Cal-Mag, (I use r.o. water, ) bio-weed, bio-root, silicate, and if I need to a&b veg food I use advanced nutes jungle juice at half strength.
8" fan keeps air moving in the 5x5 tent they are in.
If any of these things I mentioned keep an autoflower plant from going into flower I would be surprised. I don’t know how I can “double” my yield with autoflower at this rate they are on day 71 today and about 4ft tall and no sign of flowering. ( I’ve been growing 8 yrs ) but 1st time with autos… I plan to switch them to 12/12( which I shouldn’t have to do supposedly) just to get them to hurry up and start flowering.
In the attached picture there are 5 white widdow, 4 on the right and 1 on the left. The 2 bushes in the front are lemon haze photoperiods…

Just had the same thing happen with 2 of 3 of my white widow auto, 2 did not possess the auto flowering gene, The remaining plant started flowering as usual for an auto. The 2 non autos grew too big for my small closet and had to be moved outside. Both are female and are healthy. I could not turn my lights 12/12 as I also had seedlings and clones in the cupboard. Its frustrating but any breeding has its positives and negatives. If your situation allows go 12/12 and see what happens.

Sometimes they need a little help to het started and sometimes as @mountainman1 one stated the photo gene stays dominant
I actually grow my autos on a 12-12 schedule with good results so no worries change to 12-12 and they ahould flower

I grow mine in 12/12 too from the beginING of veg period until flower