Have to many temp issues cange light

My point. You can spend the money on one proper light, or keep adding lights (and heat to be removed) - your choice.

“You can pay me now, or pay me later”…

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So it sould be fine for 4 plants right the info said it would replace my 400w mh hps cause that thing got my tent in the mid 80s on 75% so i got the mars to cool tent and my wallet. The 400w pulls to much juice to run. It info said veg 3x4ft & flower 32x32.

If it cant do 4 maybe 3 or 2.

You can easily get one light that will produce magnificent plants in your tent. You can also adjust your ventilation and overall environment to compliment that light.

Or you can try to grow something with what you have and save up for the money shot.

Or you can gradually add to your environment, adjusting light, heat, ventilation, humidity, etc. with each change and have your plants stressed at each ‘payday change’

None are bad options, depending on the time and money you have to invest.

I have it all except my led light then i will stsrt from the seed. Ill post a blk widow/goldman grow.

Are you just using the tent just for seedlings? That mars hydro will be adequate for seedlings and the beginning of veg, but no where near enough to give good results during flower.

It only pulls 132w, so it’s only got the juice for a 1.5’x1.5’ grow.

3-4 flowering plants in a 31"x31" tent is going to be tight.

Ive got a 400whps for flower

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And a hm 400w

But as @HornHead said he had two and by next month ill have two. That will be before flower and plenty of light.

OK. My only point - Look at your ‘headline’ - “Temp issues”

If you want answers or options, fine. If you are going to keep doing what you’re doing with your current equipment, cool. If you don’t understand why people keep recommending things - I’m done.

I dont need a 3000w led, especially if i gotta build it. Im not saying i couldnt, im just saying sounds like you sre growing way more than 4 or less plants. I figured how to grow purple buffalo psychedelic mushrooms. 1 spore syringe=2lbs dried mushrooms. I really enjoy you and everybody else who has awnsered my questions. Cause it begins in the am. Germinating 4 seeds

Dont be so sensitive yo heat issue was question ill bet two led lights dont heat my tent like a 400w mh but hey im the one whos asking, and nobody is making u chime in. Its about helping others grow not how much better your lights are than eveybody elses.[quote=“Whodat66, post:11, topic:24165”]
This is the same wattage as your 600w, and works better, but you would need 2 for the wattage. But they have the 260W set-ups tat will knock your socks off, and there are 3 different sizes of heat-sinks to mount the 2 boards to to fit various size tents. They just aren’t on Amazon. HLG, or one of their retailers is better, probably cheaper, and they’ll assemble and bench test it for $25 if you aren’t comfortable doing it

2 actually, but getting a great yield per plant with less issues - including heat - which was why I chimed in.

Not mad, it just seems you ask for options then argue against them. It doesn’t matter to me either way.

Not arguing im asking questions cant make a point about something if i dont know both sides, my question was led vs mh hps, not how many leds make heat. It dose seem to bother you for some reason. Its insane if i ask a question you give me your opinion snd get ruffled up cause i ask you why, whats your reason. Im done with this one, but please next time bugger off.

Look. even with LED’s you get heat. With the blurples on amazon they have fans that blow hot air around. With quantum boards with heat-sinks there is no fan - the heat rises and it is more efficiently removed from the space. Just science.

Ya i get it, and thanks

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If u can show how that light u got goes together, im pretty good at saudering, and minor electrical work. Im really curious how it looks and as u told me its 2x more put out than my new one coming. See what you mean about fans and heat. But since i bought my 600w it its too expensive to just buy a replacement. If its going to be really great at early stages. Maybe i could find a bigger light for final stages to assemble at much cheeper than 200£. If not cool thanks for the knowlage of led real power outage.

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I’m glad we can still talk. I thought your question might have been poorly worded and I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for a different option for better equipment.

I only post stuff like that from personal experience and try to illiterate it as such.

Here’s the small 1 board 135w light I have in my veg tent.

And in use. It took about 10 minutes to assemble, no soldering needed unless you want to tighten up the stranded wire and ‘glue’ them together.

It gets warm, but since heat rises, I have been able to get away with a small USB fan to blow across the plant tops in my grow room. The exhaust fan is able to remove the heat because it is not stirred up as much.

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This is the HLG 260

The small fan in the lower left actually created temp problems and has been removed.

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