Have to leave my plants for a few days

I’m going away for about 3 days in 2 weeks. I have a Northern Lights and an Amnesia. The Northern Light I farther along. I was just going to soak them before I left. I thought maybe a tray with water underneath? What happens if they get to dry?

I guess it would depend on your medium. I would be afraid of going past 3 days between watering but, I’m in a coco coir super soil.

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Nice looking plant…

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Using potting soil. Nothing fancy. And Tiger Bloom

Soak them , are they I flower ?

Too many pictures. Don’t know what happened? Can’t edit?

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Just give them a good soaking before you leave. They’ll do okay with dry soil for an extra day.


You’ll be OK. Just soak the morning or evening you leave.

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They might be very dry by 3rd day

Take a 3 liter bottle fill it 3/4 full of water put cap on. Turn bottle upside down poke hole in bottom. Poke hole in cap and bury the neck of the bottle to where it stands up upside down.

Walla problem solved

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voila :grinning:

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These work well in a pinch also. Always good to have something available and simple to set up for exactly these circumstances


I used a RainPoint from Amazon (very similar to the pic above). Worked great for me for a week and a few extended weekends away. I ran 3 irrigation spikes to 5 gallon bag.

Some details and pics in my grow journal if interested. Wi-Fi control was great and I have a Wi-Fi cam in the tent.