Have to be getting close, can’t tell. Any help appeciated

Almost to week 11 since germ. Zkittle auto flower.
Grown outside.
Stopped nutes 2 weeks ago.
Sorry for the trichome pictures clarity. I tried holding the loupe by my phone camera.
These look to be getting close, but I’ve never grown before so I’m not sure how clearly any amber would come through? They look to me like a lot of cloudy.
Any one have any thoughts or ideas on how close these are to ready? I’d hate to let them go too long or chop too earlyProcessing: 3BD49F26-E368-4469-A067-7BEA70767290.jpeg...
Processing: B9C44815-7455-417E-B20D-49C8A974ECD5.jpeg…
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Processing: 02C52B3B-70C4-43F1-90EC-700A063C8E11.jpeg…
Processing: 37000420-C72D-4E1C-82E3-06A60A846E6B.jpeg…
Pictures taken in my kitchen because the come inside at night to avoid a stray thunderstorm and get complete darkness away from street lights.
Thanks for looking!

Your pictures didn’t load you need to wait and let them upload all the way before hitting reply

On it, thanks.



Plant looks great I couldn’t say about the trichomes

I am curious tho

That a resin bubble or aphid baby maker ?

You know, I’m not sure. I did have a spider mites problem but last bugs and stuff took care of that. I haven’t seen any pests on the plants. But I suppose it could be?

Lol they look awesome so I doubt you have a single issue
I haven’t been able to see my trichomes this close yet
Have a scope coming today
Loupe is ok but not ideal

As I type this lol

On a sunflower stalk

I’m about to flick him into orbit

Hope someone answers on the trichomes I’m actually curious too !!

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@Lacewing yeah it works great for the eye but trying to take pictures is a nightmare, next go I’ll get a better one. I’ve had to put so much nickel and dime money into this for just little stuff here and there I thought a basic loop would be good. Lesson learned there.
I haven’t seen any critters like that on my plants yet.
I do have some squirrels that keep bringing peanuts over and planting them but now I just have some peanuts growing in a separate area!

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@Kylerose good thing is I don’t think squirrels are interested in flowers
Birds either
It’s if you are growing males they go after the seeds
I find peanuts planted all over the place too …
Only concern is if the moron damages the roots

Looking at your pics it does not look like your amber is even at 50% yet. Pick out the best bud on your plant and compare the white hairs to the amber ones. If there are more white to amber then you have more time. You said you stopped nutes but have you flushed yet? And don’t forget to trim yellow leaves. All in all it looks good.

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Thank you!
I have been plucking those yellow ones out, I have flushed. I thought I was close a few weeks ago but wasn’t.
The amber pistols are on the majority of the buds. When I get home I can take some more pictures of the buds themselves and post for more clarity.
I’d like to end up with a mix of amber and cloudy. I haven’t seen amber really except maybe in some sugar leaves…

@Kylerose @addison_browne

I was also going to say the one pic looks to clear …and I don’t even see cloudy but I’m a noob and wouldn’t want to give anyone advice

Just wanted to thank you for answering too I learned something

That bubble looks like it could actually be some hairs lined up like an optical illusion.

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Got my scope ….

Holy impossible

There’s definitely a learning curve here

So far best I can do it’s breezy

What’s crazy is the ones I can see look cloudy but I haven’t been flowering a month

Could be the lighting who knows …

I found it easier to take video and then pause it and screen shot …it’s impossible using one of these with the slightest movement

You need to use your phone to see anything there’s no eyepiece on the device …
Pain in the rear !!

It’s so hard! I see some people’s pictures and I’m in awe after trying.
To update, I took some pictures, just got home

I do see mostly brown pistols, there are some white. Very very top bud on one plant has some amber, but only in one spot.
Maybe a week? Maybe two? Would need someone with more expertise!


I see what you mean now …much better pics

I usually wait until my amber is 75% compared to white. When I first started I would harvest too soon. I got ok results but the longer you wait, the better the smoke. And you have to let the plants cure properly also. Read up on that and properly burping your jars after curing. You will be able to store your herb for about a year if you cure and burp properly. I use amber jars and Boveda packets and place in a drawer or other container that will not be opened unless it is for your herb.

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@Lacewing @addison_browne
Thank you! I’ll plan on at least another week.
Oh have jars and a harvest area ready. Can’t wait!