Have Thrips 1 week from harvest

While checking trichomesI believe a saw a few on my plants. Should I wait till I harvest and rinse after cutting down? Isaw 1 or 2 on each plant. Dont want to use any chemicals at this point.

I wound up with spider mites of all things and what I did was mixed up a 5 gal bucket of water and added a few squirts of dish soap and dipped my plants. Then rinsed them off. The dish suffocate s them. I don’t know if it will work on trips. You could. Also try this can’t hurt. I know it says outside but it should work inside as well you would anyway. Try it mite just work for ya.

One good way to repel thrips for those growing outside is to use garlic, this is a good way to keep them away before you get them. The color yellow attracts the thrips and should be advised not to have this color around your grow… If you already have them using neem oil, and or lady bugs can get rid of them. If the infestation is bad then you need to use biological solution like, pyrethrin-like insecticides.

B Safe

We had thrips in our indoor closet grow. They decimated our crop we disinfected the entire area and left it empty for a month before starting over. I’ve heard neem oil can kill/detour them but it didn’t work for us we just started over with no problem since.