Have spots on 2 week old plant

I’m not sure what it’s from. There was a little black bug camping out on the leaves.

Picture are worth a thousand words, black spots & bug or one or the other?

I’m sorry. I’m new on here and still trying to figure out how to navigate. I thought I had loaded a pic.

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You did a great job I belive this is the bug

Would this bug be the cause of the discoloration? I have 2 other plants with same soil and mutes and they are fine.

Possible. I have never delt with that bug before.
Capt Jack’s bug will be what you want

That’s the first I have ever heard of the stuff. Is it better than neem oil?

@Bud804 lots of people treat with neem oil and Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. There’s some sort of correlation between age of the plant but I’m not sure what that is exactly.