Have some colors on leaves and unsure of what it could be please help diagnose



Is it one leaf or all of them a pic of the plant and how far along you are would help us help you


Like the person asked…is it one leaf? or several?


It a couple leafs and not on all plants I sprouted the seeds feb 21 and just put them outside to start adjusting them for full sun



It’s looking good


This plant is 5 weeks old. I dont know the strain… it looks more like an sativa strain. I picked a seed from a bud stash and plant it, nurse and feed it. Do it looks ok for an 5 weeks old plant? Do the buds grow thicker in the future? I have noone to talk to about. Thanks for replying me


Oh yeah she will flatten have a nice yet couple weeks left till she’s beautiful just keep doing what you’re doing


Wow, what a great support… throw some pozitive words! Thank you very mcuh. Can I keep it up to date? Intrested? Thumbs up, or green!