Have never grown even a tomato before HaHa


Sounds like you got the timing right then. Good to hear it.


Yeah, I think I did. The stems are now snapping in half very nicely, and with great sound. The buds are much drier today, and not sticking really either. A shake or two, and they’re all loosend up.


Sweet! You got a nice pile of good smoke to hold you over a while.


Congratulations on your harvest , I know after a CPL more than in a jar it just kept getting better


I am wanting this 8 ounces to last at least 6 months. Up to 8 months. I never smoke a lot at one time. Just enough to medicate, and get through the pain or anxiety issues
Update: I worked it out to .56g per watt of light I had. Seems decent looking at it that way. Not sure. If that is decent by standards, but I’m happy with it.


The curing going nicely. Humidity pack have monitor reading 61% now. I got 62% packs. Buds are getting real nice green color, and drying perfectly, I would say!

Update: I just wanted to add to the curing process. The buds smoke is becoming smoother as well. It wasn’t bad before by any means. Now it’s just like having a light cigarette, and not Marlboro reds.


Figured I’d put it on my thread now. Going to start another grow after all. I’ll, decide on how I want to grow in the meantime. I will probably do the ScrOG, but I’m open to suggestions. Let me know, if you have some ideas for me.I’ll probably try germinating 4 seeds this time, but the smart pots. Are going to come in a pack of five, so who knows lol. ScrOGing 4 in that tent. Would be to much though, so there is some planning to be done still!


Woohoo if you start a new journal tag me. Otherwise you can keep on going in this one.


Will do, I’ll start a new one. Title is a lie now, and I can start fresh.


Haha that’s true!


@DoobieNoobie does it matter. If it you switch nutrients brand in the grow cycle?


No but there’s a chance you could end up with deficiencies or even nute burn. Because although they contain the same things they are all slightly different amounts so PPM from one brand might be different to get the same results with another. So if you do just start a little low on the new one and build back up.


Yeah, I was afraid of different brands being slightly different. I have enough ILGM veg nutrients, but now flowering time, so I’ll figure something out. ILGM nutrients aren’t to bad in price for the complete set, but I don’t need half those lol. My soil will have enough nutrients in it for seedling time, and part of veg.


Jewelers loop great for pistol peaking trust me


Well this has been a bad 3 days lol. My toddler had some vomiting bug, I caught the next day, and then it worked is way through the family. Needless to say, it’s been a bad few days haha. Hopefully the last one is better by tomorrow.


Ouch. There’s been something going around here but nothing that bad. I hope you and your family are feeling better.


Yeah, I already have stomach issues. Dealt with ulcers through my esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Not bleeding anymore, but I always have problems with vomiting, so was really bad for me. Laying in the shower in the fetal position lol. The toddler was scared by it. He’s never been sick before.


What is anybody’s thoughts on this soil. Don’t need it for this grow I don’t think. Seems interesting to use, and it says no nutrients needed. Anyone know of, or used this. I think there’s a rule on posting links to non Amazon sites. The price on their site is much friendly to buy through.


I think I remember someone else using it recently. I’ll look around and see if I can find it.


This was a good grow report on it, seems to be. I need another bag of soil I just realised. With using 5 gallon smart pots this time. I’d need the 25lb size at 90, on their site. Then some Coco loco seems to be. More expensive, but no nutrient expense. Decisions?

Update: looking at the grow medium. Might be fun to do this differently. I want to research more of the troubleshooting though. If it’s a just add water grow medium. I want to double check, I’m not supposed to add anything. If for some reason there is a nutrient issue. I’d think there shouldn’t be with the grow medium, but research is always a good thing. I’m thinking two or four 5 gallon smart pots. With the Coco loco to go on top. ScrOG the girls, and gore them up with a home made ScrOG screen. 2 girls in 5 gallon pits will need more veg time, but 4 girls is twice the up front cost unfortunately! I’ll decide.