Have never grown even a tomato before HaHa


So when I read flowering humidity should be say 50%. That doesn’t necessary apply to lights off humidity level? Then, late flowering, is a 20% jump during lights out excessive then? Also, yes, setting the temp controller for 22c low. Has kept humidity from going over 65%, but usually keeps it closer to 60%. Depending how long ago I watered. I watered last night, so a bit higher today. Thanks for helping!


Think of it like this: your grow room air is like a sponge that holds/releases moisture; the temperature is like a hand holding that sponge-when it’s warm the hand stays open, but when it’s cold the hand closes and squeezes out some of the moisture in the sponge; when it warms up again, the sponge will reabsorb the moisture.

Does that make sense? So, at night, there is more loose moisture in the environment, but the overall humidity actually doesn’t increase.

There can definitely be issues with too high humidity overnight, but if your daytime humidity is spot on, a minor raise overnight isn’t too worrisome.

Once you’re really far into bloom, you definitely want to try to get your humidity down low, day & night. Heat or a dehumidifier is the best way. You’ve already got the heat going to help. :+1:


Hey @blackthumbbetty!

Hand and sponge…

Now that is one simple way of explaining humidity that makes perfect sense!

N I like simple!!


Hopefully wrong humidity isnt too much to worry about

Mine was wrong pretty much thru the entire grow!

Got 3 meters n they neva agreed with each other!


Well, I didn’t like how full the 3 girls looked. I hadn’t thinned them out at all. I decided to defoliate. I read it can be a bit controversial to do. Time will tell. Whether I fucked up or did the right thing. Anyhow, here the pictures. To show what all they look like now.


Hey @JD419WhyWait. If this is your first time growing, then you are a natural! You obviously have paid attention to what’s going on around you. I always admire those who can follow directions. Best wishes my friend, Mike


Wow, thank you very much, I’ve tried gardening twice in my life, and was vegetables in a little greenhouse with my wife. I killed every single thing in there lol. I really appreciate kind words. Thank you


Here’s a questions specifically for this site. I got the white widow complete set w/ nutrients for 5 plants. I keep reading in flowering. Cannabis plants don’t like nitrogen, but it’s the seems higher on this site brands. Than o. Something like fox farm. Is that, because this is soluble granular type nutrients, and fox farm is liquid.


Alright, here’s 24hrs after defoliation s, and I think they look quite well still.


You will find that most of the blooming nutrients will contain a small amount of nitrogen. However if you want to use some supplements for blooming they will have small amounts of nitrogen for the health of the plant. I like my nitrogen to run out a couple of weeks before harvest, so as the leaves turn yellow my pot becomes mellow! Mike


Ok, I definitely have been reading about letting the nutrients run out the last couple weeks of flowering. That what I plan on doing anyhow. Why do I want steak, from a cow. That’s been pumped full of so many hormones, and then the meat has been injected with “water” for what!? When I can have dry aged organic, all natural! I guess what I mean, is. All those nutrients in the plant are going to stay in the plant, and if you smell your nutrients out of bottle/pack. They don’t smell all that great do they? Question, if you don’t mind, please. I’ve read to just water the last 2 weeks with pH water to flush out nutrients before harvest. I’ve also ready, you should do a straight flush of your plants once or twice during flowering. At least once, like a week before harvest or two.


Most definitely flush your plants with ph water the last to weeks. You should not need to flush at any other time with organic nutrients unless you get the soil to hot or ph out of bounds. Fresh water can cure a multitudes of problems. Mike


Well, today was a watering day, so they’re not the best looking today, but that’s fine by me. This look right here. Always gives me the heads up, and the lightness of the pit. To give them a watering. I know some don’t let theirs get any droopy before watering, but it’s been working out well for me so for. The past 3 .5 or 4 weeks now. Doing it this way. Besides the watering. It’s was just checking thermal leaf temps, lux readings for bright spots from a very low cheap wing reflector for my HPS lights, humidity, and loosening the LST on some of the branches, on the very sides of the grow tent. To get closer to canopy level. Other than that, I think it’s all good right now. Day 11 down, and roughly 49 to go!


Love your work :+1:


Lmao, That’s fucking hilarious. One big thing I learned is from my supercropping! The 3 plants were all supercropped to varying degrees. Very piss poor job to! I thought I was going to have to bin them the next day, so didn’t care about how much damage I could cause, by overdoing it. I can look at the top of the canopy, and tell which plant is which, by their inner colas, from the LST I performed a week I go, I think. It’s really neat, and interesting. I’m going to get a close up of each supercropped spot and the top of the inner cola do you see how much bushier and older looking the teo plants are. Compared to this one particular girl.


Well the girls look good after their feeding last night. Turning into clockwork. I feed, and the next night. They’re back to looking well fed and happy. Tonight was more of the same. Looking for bright spots with lux meter, heat spots with thermal temp gun, and checking height of light from canopy for good measure, buh bum bum lol.


Okay, ilgm white widow flowering week 3 starts tomorrow. Everything is going along on so far. I should have to water tomorrow. Just checked soil, and yes, have to water tomorrow!


Week 3 day 1 laddies and gentleman. It’s a watering day like I thought, so I’m glad I made up my feed. Before I came down to check on them tonight. Hope everyone’s grow or future grow is going, or continues to go well! If I could get comments or suggestions for this or future grows. Please, continue to give them, I have said before. A suggestion might not mesh with what I want to try right now,but I can go back to it for future grows, so don’t be pissed. If it seems like I’m snubbing you. I’m brand new!


Looks great !! I’m starting week 3 of veg, first timer growing OG,BG and JH in a 2x3 closet under a an HLG160 QB… I hope my stuff is looking as awesome as yours in a few weeks !!!


Very cool, I’ll have a look at yours in a little bit mate. I’m finishing up night the girls for the night now. I just a picture I really like. Nothing fancy I think to normal people, but for me. It has the top buds kind of highlighted from the white widow flowers being, well, white lol. I need to count them, and see how many buds I’m growing from the top view. There’s definitely more buds growing, but from a top flat canopy view. It will be cool to know how many stems, I’ll be harvesting, roughly!


Ok, so, I was wrong in my head for some reason, imnon day 16 of flowering my ilgm white widow girls. They had a big growth spurt last night, and look real good. Im very happy today with them. Great growth, and j was shocked by them today. First time, I actually just felt comfortable with what I’ve done with them! After just 16 flowering days, some of flowering colas have me really shocked ncheck out the pictures!